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40 years since us dropped its final bombs in southeast asia, victims still falling in vietnam

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
East China Sea, Vietnam-Nguyen Xuan et knows that copper belts around the American bomb base left over from the Vietnam War can bring him a dollar at the scrap yard.
So he held the bullet between bare feet and began to knock with a chisel and pry out the precious metal.
This is almost the last scene of his life.
The bomb exploded and two legs ripped under the knees and four fingers.
Fast work with only friends
He tied the tourni band on his limbs, threw him behind the motorcycle and rushed to the hospital. saved his life. On Aug.
On 1973, the United States carried out its last bombing mission over Southeast Asia, ending its direct military involvement in the war.
However, among the most serious remaining problems of the conflict, the number of victims is still decreasing.
According to a database of activists and governments, at least 500 people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia died in 2012 from unexploded bombs and other ammunition.
The most polluted province in Vietnam is Guangsan province, where fighting between the United States and VietnamS.
The situation of the Vietnamese army is the most intense.
The region is now one of the poorest in the country.
The price of steel and copper has been rising, and even if most of the very light waste buried has been harvested, it has maintained an incentive for collectors.
\"Unexploded ammunition is a resource;
\"We have to use it,\" Thiet said . \" After his accident at the end of 2011, he was installed by an American charity, mainly funded by the United States. S government.
\"I would still go out and collect scrap metal if I didn\'t lose my legs.
\"It is not illegal to collect waste in Vietnam, but it is illegal to deal with unexploded ammunition.
Many collectors say they now keep dangerous items in the ground and concentrate on dealing with a large number of war-left items such as bomb shells, machines and vehicles.
Scrap metal dealers also said they refused to use live ammunition.
It is clear, however, that some are prepared to dismantle unexploded bombs to harvest and sell their shells as well as explosives for fishing and mining.
In the scrap yard on the side of the road, it is easy to find neatly sawed projectiles and other bomb parts.
Nguyen Van Binh said: \"There are people who do this, but they remain silent,\" recently paid $4,000 for scrap yard owners who ship large amounts of war waste from the Lao border, including 500-
Bomb shells and bomb debris piles.
Most collectors are aware of the dangers, especially Nguyen Tam.
21 years ago, her husband was killed while dismantling a bomb, leaving her to raise four children alone.
Poor 48-year-
The old man had no choice but to continue his trade.
On a recent morning, carrying a cheap metal detector and a hoe on her shoulder, she came on a bicycle to a former battlefield, full of Tombstone and wild pineapple from local villagers.
She quickly passed the detector on the sand until her headphones began to scream.
Without stopping, she cut off the grass with a hoe, and then walked the dirt with a bare foot s, revealing the fuse of a bullet and a rocket --
Push the grenade.
She left where they were, went on to work, put several pieces of bombs into her pocket and took them to the dealer.
\"A bowl of blood for a bowl of rice,\" she said . \" She explained the trade-offs she was willing to make for $5 in a good day.
\"I know it\'s dangerous, but I have to stick to it.
\"The United States fell by seven.
Vietnam is trying to bomb the poor country and give in, more than the sum of World War II to Germany and Japan, and more than 8 million tons of ammunition.
It also fired as much ammunition again from land and at sea.
An estimated 800,000 tons were not detonated, polluting about 20% of the land.
The government says at least 38,000 people have been killed and more injured since 1975.
However, it did not provide detailed information publicly, and many casualties were not recorded.
Curious children pick up small cluster bombs, accounting for a large proportion of those killed or injured.
\"In the summer, children come out in droves to play,\" said Chi Hong Tran of Qingtu International, which is mainly American --
Government-funded charities pay for the medical care and other expenses of the victims.
\"When the bomb explodes, everyone has to carry it with him.
\"The United States says it has spent more than $65 million since 1998 trying to make the country safe and plans to increase its focus on the United States . \"S.
\"Explosive ammunition in Southeast Asia in the next few years.
Washington is keen to expand relations with Vietnam as part of its strategic focus on the strength of Asia and China\'s rise.
Ironically, it is now possible to promote the removal of ammunition dropped 40 years ago as part of its renewed commitment to Vietnamese relations.
Viet Nam has been working with the international mine clearance agency since the medium term1990s.
If it signs an international treaty banning landmines and cluster bombs and establishes a civilian --
Experts say it is a transparent state authority responsible for cleaning up and maintaining a comprehensive database.
Vietnamese officials say it will cost $100 billion in 100 to clear the country\'s ammunition.
But people working in the industry say it is unrealistic and unnecessary to remove every dangerous item in the country.
Instead, the focus should be on getting the team to remove the surface and bury lighter items, and develop a response plan for buried deeper items, such as European countries after World War II.
\"Forget the idea of clearing all bombs and mines,\" said Chuck Searcy, an American veterinarian in charge of mine clearance and humanitarian agencies.
\"We need to find a way to make Vietnam safe, which is a very different challenge and one that can be achieved in 5 to 10 years.
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