Kenwei is a global professional manufacturer which specialized in weigher packing machines and multi-head weigher machines.

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Kenwei offers one-stop packaging solution with our various and comprehensive machines available. The machines including the weigher, the vertical packaging machine, the combined weigher and packing machine, the metal detector, the counting machine, the thermal transfer printer, the parallel manipulator, the loss-in-weight feeder as well as the conveyor and the working platform.

The machines’ structure and mechanism are complex, the movement speed is fast and the movement coordination is high. In order to reach high-performance requirements, the rigidity and surface quality of all our machine parts are highly demanding during the manufacturing of these machines.

They are all made of stainless steel, which is very easy to clean and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Also, the parts in contact with other products are made of chemically treated non-toxic materials, which is strict in line with national hygiene and safety requirements.

In order to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance and reduce equipment investment, Kenwei achieves standardization and versatility. All parts used in the machine are in accordance with standard specifications and are easy to replace, which will greatly save users’ maintenance costs. The machines’ degree of automation is high and most of them have adopted automatic control to realize intelligent operation.

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