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It is suitable for quantitative weighing of materials with good fluidity, such as granules, powders, etc. It has a simple structure and exquisite design, adopts a new integrated modular control system, matches various parameters and language touch man-machine interface to match the flexible selection and parameter settings of different countries or regions, and is more convenient to operate in order to meet different objects. Material characteristics require a bucket, two buckets, three buckets, four buckets and other different models for selection, the overall model occupies a small area, easy to put, equipped with high-quality sensors and the latest modular design, amplitude auto-adjustment function, debugging more convenient, more stable performance, more accurate and more assured material contact parts are all stainless steel. Material manufacturing, dust-proof design, general use in food-grade industry, more sanitary, more environmentally friendly, all materials contact parts are easy to disassemble design structure, no tools, convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning.

Application: It is suitable for weighing slice ,roll or ragular shape products such as sugar ,salt ,seed ,rice , seasame , glutamate ,milk powder ,coffee and season powder etc.

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