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Check Weigher Fratures

The check weigher is suitable for testing the weight of individual products in the production line, ensuring the weight yield of the later products and reducing the production of defective products. According to different material characteristics, it is available in different models. It has a wide weighing range and adopts the intelligent design with the function of automatic parameter adjustment and automatic generation of statistical reports. It can be flexibly set with various parameter configurations in different countries or regions and is designed with a language touch human-machine interface, so the parameter selection operation is more convenient. It is equipped with high-performance modules, featuring high speed and high precision, and has stable working conditions. It can be set directly with 3-speed segment on the touch screen.

It is suitable for most application environments and has the function of unlimited speed adjustments for different speeds for special environment applications. According to the characteristics of different materials, it has different flexible disassembly methods such as stop, swing rod, air push, air blow, slide, flip plate.

It is equipped with a premium food-grade belt to ensure safe production, and its mechanical design makes it easy to disassemble and easy to clean. Its dust-proof design is suitable for special application environments as well as non-standard applications. It also has a waterproof design and can be customized.

Application: It is used to check flexible and hard-packed products, such as bulk paper bag packaging, plastic packaging, carton packaging, metal film packaging.



Four Reject Methods to Choose

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Reject Methods

 Check weigher is simply the best way to ensure the correct weight of your products in processing.

Check weigher can reject any products that are over or under the set weight. There are various methods of rejection:arm-reject, pneumatic pusher, drop type, and air-blowing method. Checkweighers will check the weights of products whilst in motion. Checkweighing is a method of safeguarding within the food and packaging industries for product weights. 



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