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Multihead Weighers

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Multihead Weigher Features

We has gained rich experience in the packing machinery field and has many mature technologies. So far, many multihead weigher series have been

 successfully developed to achieve the optimal matching of automatic weighing machines and packaging machines. It is widely used in Food, 

Beverage, Pharmaceutical ,Chemical, Hardware accessories and other industries.


 Multihead Weigher Main Features

1. Special sensors with high precision and high standard are adopted.

2. Intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, more accurate weighing.

3. Intelligent fault alarm prompt, more convenient maintenance.

4. High-speed asynchronous discharging function, effectively prevent material blocking.

5. New high integration modular design, using CAN bus technology.

6. Other features of the same generation of models.

Multihead Weigher Standard Feature

1. Plain stainless steel 304 construction for products touching parts.

2.Tool-less product touching parts removal for easy cleaning.

3. Intelligent parameters setting up through interactive touch screen HMI.

4.100 groups of presetting parameter functions allow programming different target 

weight and feeder control conditions, quick recall, and product settings.

5. High precise load cell and modular stepper motor actuator units.

6. Individual amplitude adjustment for each linear pan.

Multihead Weigher Optional Features

1. Single or double door buckets.

2. Rotating & Vibrating top cone.

3. Counting function.

4. Special timing discharge hopper.

5. Embossed stainless steel 304 for product touching parts.

6. Multi Dump.


Multihead Weigher Details

It is applicable for weighing of solidity products by way of combination mode, subject to special customization, apply for the products like snacks, meat, poultry, ready meals, salads, confectionery, biscuits, bakery, cereals, nuts, pasta, frozen foods, dried foods, pet foods, and other non-food products

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Precision bag former & touch screen, digital screen display with numerical setting and flexible operation; PLC control system and color touching screen, easy operation; PID independent control of temperature, more suitable for different packaging material. It is suitable for weighing granules, slicing, roll, or irregular shape materials such as candy, seed, jelly, fries, coffee granule, peanut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut,  chips, pet food, frozen foods, etc. It is also suitable for weighing small hardware and plastic component.

Kenwei multihead weighing machines (also referred to as circular/combination weighers) are applied in various fields thanks to their superior weighing accuracy and efficiency.  These weighers satisfy the dosing, weighing, and packing requirements for nearly any product type. You will find multihead weighing machines used in the production and processing of fruits, vegetables, hardware products, medicine, snacks, dried foods, baked goods, and much more.

Kenwei produces multihead weighers with 10, 14, 16, and 32 lanes, they are applied in various fields thanks to their superior weighing accuracy and efficiency.  These weighers satisfy the dosing, weighing, and packing requirements for nearly any product type.

It is the preferred equipment to achieve production automation and improve production efficiency. At present, the products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, and are deeply trusted and praised by users.We not only provide customers with high quality and reliable products, but also design and manufacture packaging equipment according to their actual requirements, provide packaging overall solutions, undertake various standard packaging machine OEM business, and provide professional technical service support for customers. To create greater value for customers.
Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD. is an advanced enterprise integrating development, manufacturing and sales. We mainly deal in weighing and pacaging and its auxiliary machinery for food and non-food industries, including various automatic and multi-function multi head weigher, vertical packaging machines, check weighers,food metal detector and many more. At the same time, we provide packaging solutions for our customers. We Focus Machinery was established in 2005, located in Fusha Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, covering an area of about 21,000 square meters, with an annual production of more than 5,000 multi-head weigher.

Product Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process

Kenwei has assembled a professional and experienced research and development team with all of the capabilities and resources to customize complete automatic weighing and packaging lines.

Accessories Processing

3、Accessories Processing



Finished product

5、Finished product



Q:How to operate it?


Many languages are available for global markets. There are not only detailed instructions but also machine videos for reference learning.



What are the product features of counting combination weigher of Kenwei?

The adopts several special procedures for counting bags/counting programs, and there is no separate chute, which can avoid material blockage. 


Is there any difference between Kenwei long strip weigher and noodle weigher?

Long strip weigher is suitable for weighing stick shaped products but noodle weigher is suitable for weighing soft strip products such as noodles, rice noodles, bean sprout, etc.


What kind of combination weigher should be used to weigh soft and viscous materials?

Cheese weigher is suitable for soft and sticky materials, such as cheese, QQ candy, marshmallow, candied fruit, etc.


Is there anything to pay attention to when using the multihead weigher

There are many types and categories of combination weigher, which need to be selected according to the shape and characteristics of the customer's materials.erything is just fine


Q: Is Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD. a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are the real manufacturer. We mainly specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing, marketing and service of multihead weighers, linear weighers, etc. and providing customized weighing solution. 


Q: How many kinds of hoppers Kenwei can supply?

A: For multihead weigher, Kenwei has 0.5L, 1L, 1.6L, 2.5L, 5L hoppers. 
For linear weigher, Kenwei has 3L, 5L, 7.5L, 15L hoppers. There are single-layer feeder pan and double-layer feeder pan for choice.


Q: How to ensure Kenwei machines' Quanlity?

A: We carry out a hard control procedure on our machines before shipment, including working, aging, testing, and so on. In a word, we try our best to make sure our machine is with long-term stable performance.


Q: What is the after-sales service?

A: Kenwei provides long term maintenance service, and maintenance parts are free within the warranty period and only charge parts expensed if your warranty has expired.


Q: How can you meet our requirements and needs well? 

A: We will recommend the suitable model of machine and make the unique design based on your project details and requirements. 


Q:  What's your main product ?

A: Multihead weigher. Linear weigher,check weigher,metal detector,packaging machines, and combined weighing packaging machines, etc.


Q: Could you accept OEM ?

A: Sure , we have our own professional design and technical team.


Q: Why choose us?

A: We are a professional manufacturer of packaging machinery.With a strict and effective quality control system, our products are CE approved.


Q: How can you ensure you will send us the machine after the balance paid? 

A: We are a factory with business license and certificate. If that is not enough, we can make the deal through L/C payment to guarantee your money. 


Q: What is the warranty for Kenwei machines?

A: Kenwei guarantees the multihead weigher,linear weigher,check weigher, and metal detector for 2 years.

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AI automatic generation Description: our company is located in areas with convenient transportation and developed economy. Our products are supplied in a timely manner. In the course of business operation, we always focus on customers.

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