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242 Grams sweet potato vermicelli and running speed is 45 packs/min

242 Grams sweet potato vermicelli and running speed is 45 packs/min

The glutinous rice flour is a coarse grain product of sweet potato vermicelli. It is gray or brown slender strips. It is crystal clear and is a special snack in Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, and other places in my country. Studies have shown that sweet potato flour is rich in amino acids, sweet in taste, low in calories, and has a good taste if it is cooked for a long time. With the continuous pursuit of people's demand for food, in order to shorten the time from the production of glutinous rice flour to the table, the vacuum packaging specifications for safety and freshness and the neatly arranged packaging visual effects will be a new test for weighing and quantitative packaging equipment. 

Combining with customer requirements, Guangdong Kenwei customized innovative multi-head combined weighing equipment, unique blanking, and bagging design, cooperated with automatic bag-type vacuum packaging machine, and added high-precision quantitative detection and sorting machine in the back section, to provide business customers with complete solutions. Automated weighing and packaging systems. The system consists of multiple Kenwei 14-head customized long strip combination weigher. The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic. The 1-to-1 independent blanking chute design ensures that the vertical blanking of the long material can be adjusted independently during the blanking process, so as to shorten the time of bagging and sorting and improve the overall packaging efficiency. This multihead weigher is suitable for long strip materials, and the longest material length is 200mm. Such as sausages, finger biscuits, long biscuits, chopsticks, pencils, etc. At the same time, it can cooperate with a variety of packaging machinery such as vertical back sealing bag packaging machine, bag feeding packaging machine, etc., and the versatility is quite high. 

Client needs 

●The actual product measurement is 242 grams. 

●Set the precision as upper deviation 7 and lower deviation 

●The actual operating speed is 45 packs/minute. 

 Guangdong Kenwei fully interprets the importance of innovative packaging machinery and equipment to provide more efficient production for merchants with 16 years of professional experience in the weighing equipment industry. This is the development trend of the commodity market and the common direction of Guangdong Kenwei and various merchants.

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