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How to select a multihead weigher?

How to select a multihead weigher?


Kenwei -Howtoselectamultiheadweigher | Packaging Machine

With the acceleration of the global economy integration, quantitative packaging commodities emerge in the commodity retail market all over the country, the general administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine has issued the 43rd order "quantitative Packaging commodity measurement supervision regulations", and issued the 2002 third version "HACCP" System certification management regulations. From the accurate and safe aspects of food measurement, the country's retail commodity manufacturers, especially the food production industry, in order to meet this requirements of the above provisions, have been configured packaging metering testing equipment, and one of the multi-head weigher  are particularly favored by food manufacturers.        

At present, there are two kinds of combination scale equipment at home and abroad: the first type is signal combination scale; The second is the digital signal combination scale. Although the development of combinatorial scales are already very mature, these different transmission signals can lead to different weighing accuracy. Analog signal combination scale, the main existence of unstable performance, easy to burn the motherboard, IC patch is from second-hand source and other issues. Digital signal combination scales manufacturer, such as Kenwei, mainly produces waterproof combination scales, all using digital high-precision weighing signals. Our customer must be caution when select the combination scale to find the accuracy one.    

Automatic quantitative weighing of irregular bulk items at high speed and high precision. There are mainly the following categories of products: The first category is puffed food , the second category is candy, melon seeds, the third category is pistachios and other large shell nuts, the fourth category is jelly, frozen food , the fifth category is leisure food, pet food, plastic hardware and so on.       

What is concerned when the customer select combination scale?    

  1.  1. Accuracy    

    The user selects the combination scale in order to reduce the loss caused by saving the overweight product , so generally willing to choose the high precision combination scale, so the buyers should know the allowable error requirement of the packaged food before purchasing the combination scale. The combination and application of "stable time mode" and precise selection of combination points have created excellent display accuracy of precision combination scales, and the use of internationally renowned loadcell as the company's combination scales use one, using self-developed anti-jamming weighing technology units, makes excellent display accuracy converted to excellent practical accuracy. It is estimated that 2 turn work food manufacturing enterprises use the combination scale one months can save 100,000 yuan, without three months, it can reclaim the entire system investment. Net content Q minus deviation T Net content Q minus deviation T Net content Q minus deviation  T 5-50g ﹥50-100g ﹥100-200g 9% 4.5g 4.5% ﹥200-300g ﹥300-500g ﹥500-1000g 9g 3% 15g 1000-10000g ﹥10000-15000g ﹥15000-25000g 1.5% 150g 1% Weighing speed requirement When the buyers chooses the combination scale, in order to get the better economic benefit, in the selection of high precision equipment, the speed is also very important point. At present, the measurement speed of the ordinary combination scale is about 70 packets/min. the speed is higher when there are  more heads. Such as: 14 head scale speed is 120 packets/min, 24 head scale speed is 240 packets/min. At the same time, the user should also pay attention to the front and rear end of the combination scale matching speed of comparable vertical conveyor and packaging machine, in order to complete the packaging from weighing to packaging the whole process. Kenwei Professional Focus 13 years, for a variety of materials, such as bag bags, large number of materials, long strips, cheese, salad, noodles, chopsticks, hardware, oil fish, fragile, easy to start dust, frozen food, sticky materials, such as the above materials to fully consider the market maximum and minimum packaging specifications to establish a weighing packaging, weight selection, Metal detector, manipulator automatic sorting palletizing industry chain, the development of a dedicated line for aluminum foil packaging and soy sauce Packaging metal Detector, pharmaceutical industry several special dual-Channel 8-track electronic digital counting machine. Product speed from 60 packs/minutes to 240 Packs/min fully configured, the highest mix of 8 kinds of materials placed in a bag.


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    2. Requirement for the proportion of the material

    For materials with different weights, when selecting a composite scale, because the specific gravity of the material is different, even the same weight of the material, their volume will also vary greatly, so the customers in the choice of combination scale can not look at the maximum combination weight of the scale, but also refer to the maximum combination capacity. Kenwei combination scale adopts the intelligent triple stability mode, which makes the weighing more accurate, each loadcell increases the stability number of multiple samples and the internal comprehensive detection of the stable range, whichcan exclude the value taken when the interference is made, andcan realize the reasonable and accurate values. At the same time, independent research and development of standard amplitude, high amplitude two series of main vibrator and wire vibrator to meet the needs of different material weighing transport, and through the control system of each line vibrator vibration time, vibration strength control, automatic adjustment of the amplitude of the wire oscillator to optimize the flow of materials ; At that time, two major issues plagued the company: first, how to improve the amplitude, and second, how the amplitude of the machine can be sustained over a long period of time; The above project is subject to a very critical ratio and swing between the comprehensive balance, the success of the above overcome the difficulty, Kenwei eliminate customer worries, domestic and foreign market  will be consistently expansion.

     3.Choose Kenwei as its famous brand and enterprise scale

    Domestic combination scale has a clear price advantage, the domestic combination scale has been gradually popularized. However, at present, the domestic combination of scale manufacturers mixed, large can enter the world combination scale manufacturing top ten, small may not even tomorrow is still not know. If you choose an unsound object of cooperation, their own production is affected by small things, that no repair of a trip to the trouble, the most critical is not to establish prevention problems of the manufacturers, there is no repair of the day. This includes the program itself is not perfect, but also need to be the material Condition Foundation change ability is poor enterprise, in addition to the line main vibration machine amplitude repeated attenuation of the problem and AD conversion module and anti-jamming technology does not integrate the manufacturing enterprises, there is no way to effectively suppress the interference from all over the vibration. This aspect, Kenwei along the way, feeling quite deep. Kenwei Professional focus on the combination of scales, has been in the industry's top three, manufacturing and sales scale are ranked at the top of the industry. Is China's first in the field of multihead weigher won the "Guangdong Province production, learning and research science and Technology Project Combination Award" honor of the company, in 2017 rely on 87 foreign countries, domestic and foreign more than 800 new and old customers strong support, to achieve the sale of more than 5,000 sets of weighing packaging equipment, 2018 precision Company layout semi-automated production mode, Refine the specialized production mode of parts, can accelerate the production cycle at the same time to achieve 7000 sets of capacity. Kenwei has no doubt become the packaging machinery industry on the basis of confidence in the brand. Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD.has now become a leader in China's portfolio scale industry. Carmakers combination scale in the global scope of the world, not only to prove the development and growth of China in the field of composite scales, more important is the "professional quality, Integrity marketing" set up in the field of the world composite scales, for China's tens of thousands of food, metal and plastic production enterprises to eliminate the current old or all-hand backward weighing packaging methods, In order to fully replace the high-tech, more automated combination scale quantitative weighing packaging system, in terms of quality and technology have undoubtedly had an advantage.

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