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Featured combination weigher and after-sale technical answers Part 1

Featured combination weigher and after-sale technical answers Part 1


With the rapid development of my country's economy, the requirements for quantitative packaging of goods are also increasing, and multi-head computerized combination weighers are becoming more and more popular in various industries. However, as a new type of automated weighing and packaging machinery, its high intelligence and mechanical complexity will often cause some businesses to have varying degrees of use questions. What are the more common ones? : 

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When customers reflect each request to disconnect signal, the combination weigher before cutting, you need to turn on when the mode signal on the next batch?

 According to the description, the request signal is disconnected and valid, indicating that the request signal detection mode is 0 or 1 (the pulse falling edge is valid), and it can be solved by entering the system and setting the request signal detection mode to 2 or 3 (the level is valid).

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(10 head combination weigher weighing 470g frozen dumplings) customers reflect not allowed to appear to weigh a large difference? 

If the ambient temperature on site is high, the dumpling surface will melt the sticky bucket, causing the running speed to be too slow. The device should be cleaned and air dried, concentrated material, the parameters in determining the number of free composition is set to 15 (Start 1000), requesting the signal detection form is set to 0 (with memory), signal delay adjusting discharge. 

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If a 10-head combination weigher is forbidden to stop a weighing hopper, the running speed will become very slow?

Every time the 10-head combination weigher is combined, all the working buckets are combined (except when cleared). At this time, there is a parameter for the number of buckets involved in the combination, which is generally set to 9. When one head is cleared again, 8 heads are left to work. At this time, the composability is very small. When there is no qualified combination, it will refer to the "number of participating combinations". At this time it will wait (the so-called pause), and the speed will be slow. You need to enter the system, set the number of combined hoppers to 8, and quickly repair the hoppers to ensure operational accuracy. 

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14 head multihead weigher weighing 100g candy, sometimes empty bag or excessive packaging? 

The empty package may be caused by the discharge signal has been output, but the material has not yet reached the packaging machine, and the discharge signal is output when the collecting hopper is opened. When the material is uneven and there is no combination at a certain time, the material in the collecting hopper has been discharged. It is not difficult to conclude that the delay of the collecting hopper is too short. Enter the system to adjust the delay value of the weighing hopper and collecting hopper. 

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