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Check weigher - a powerful assistant to small and medium sized businesses

Check weigher - a powerful assistant to small and medium sized businesses


Today you will learn more about check weigher.  In the food, pharmaceutical or daily chemical industries, most products come into the market in small or medium packaging (weight less than 1kg). Some enterprises carry out manual spot check on the weight of products before they leave the factory, but this kind of spot check cannot guarantee that all products are qualified. Is there any equipment that automatically detects product weight on the assembly line? Check weigher can achieve 100% online detection, it can put the upper and lower limits of product weight control in the prescribed range, is the right hand of enterprise online weight control.

In the minds of some enterprises, a weight detector may have a larger investment. But by calculating the investment returns of the weight tester, these enterprises can be relieved of their worries.Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. once calculated an account for a famous daily chemical enterprise. The washing powder produced by this enterprise weighs 500g per bag and the unit price is 7 RMB. The output of this product is 50 bags per minute. Based on the daily production of 20 hours, the daily production is 50 * 60 * 20 = 60,000 bags. Because the company does not allow negative deviation of the product, considering the stability of filling machine, the company will pack about 20g more per bag of washing powder during filling to ensure that the product reaches 100% qualification rate. However, it will be a great waste of cost for the company.

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd, the weight of the firm will be able to control the weight of each bag of washing powder in a ±3g range, and the amount of excess that can be filled will be automatically removed from the production line by the weight machine. After calculation, the weight detection machine can save about 1.0 tons of laundry powder per day for the enterprise, the value of about 14,000 RMB. The price of an enterprise's investment in a Kenwei check weigher machine is less than 40,000 RMB (less than a third of some joint ventures), less than a few days, the enterprise can recover the equipment investment, and the cost savings of the enterprise every month in the future is a huge profit.

check weigher machine can be divided into digital and analog. Digital weight detection machine has high precision and stable performance, which is the first choice for enterprises with high requirements on weighing accuracy and high product price. Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd  has adopted the world's advanced digital weight sensor, the powerful cost performance makes the domestic production line popularize the desire of weight detection machine can be gradually realized.

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