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About Kenwei Multihead Weigher Component Problem

About Kenwei Multihead Weigher Component Problem


Kenwei -About Kenwei Multihead Weigher Component Problem

The last article talked about the problem of the combination scale signal coordination. This article is about the problem of the combination scale component. The questions and answers about the combination scale component solve the problem for the customer.

Question: The number of plugs on your motherboard is high. Will I make mistakes during installation?    

Answer: No mistakes, our company has coded on the socket of the device motherboard and the plug. Only the corresponding plug and socket can be installed in place. The wrong socket and plug can not be inserted and installed. In other words, you want to It is very difficult to insert the wrong ones; at the same time, to help you install quickly and accurately, we put a mark on the plug corresponding to the motherboard socket.

Question: Can your A/D converter modules be replaced with each other?     

Answer: It can be replaced. The modules of Kenwei products are versatile and have the same appearance. In fact, they all have different numbers. When you want to replace the module, you must match the new module with the number of the old module, otherwise the module communication failure will occur. Please refer to the "Maintenance Manual" for detailed explanation of the specific number identification and preparation method. 

Question: Is the sensor of your product universal?   

Answer: Sensors of the same specification are universal. At present, the 1.6L and 2.5L hoppers in our combined weighing scale series are 5Kg sensors, 5L hoppers are 15Kg sensors and 40Kg sensors for material detection and weighing. 

 Question: The vibration effect of your linear vibrator is very good, and the material fluidity is also good. How can you do that? Answer: That's because Kenwei has been striving to satisfy 100% of its customers, to understand their needs, and to take customer satisfaction as the final indicator of its work. We set up the "Vibration Principle Research Technical Group", referring to the industry leading brand vibrant machine, combined with a large number of independent innovation practice, and finally designed the "Kenwei brand" vibrant machine. 

Question: Can the 10-head scale hopper and the 14-head scale hopper be interchangeable?   

Answer: 10 scale hoppers can be used for 1.6L, 2.5L14 head scales. In order to achieve consistency in the installation of different equipment hoppers, the collecting hopper is universal, but only 10 heads are different from the 1.6L and 2.5L 14 head hoppers. 

Question: What innovations have you made in terms of material targeting?    

Answer: Firstly, for the different material types and specific material characteristics, in order to control the thickness of the material on the main vibration plate and the uniformity of the main vibration machine feeding to the line vibration plate, the vibration and rotary main vibration machine and photoelectric sensor detection function are specially designed. And the weighing material detection function, the taper diversification main vibration plate with different rotation speed and angle of the rotating main vibration machine to control the material flow direction and how much; secondly, through the diversification of the unique function of the line vibration plate design to control the line vibration machine Feeding the storage hopper in packs or units or weights; again through the hopper and receiving trough with anti-stick or shatterproof treatment, ensuring that the hopper will not stick to the material because of the certain viscosity of the material, nor will it run because of the material. Material damage due to impact. Here are two examples of equipment configuration for targeted materials: First, with a multi-leg feeder with a U-shaped vibrating plate to weigh small particles (such as: rice, sugar), completely eliminate the leakage of the equipment line vibration plate; Secondly, the vibrating main vibrator is equipped with a V-shaped vibrating plate for several-package of medium and large uniform particles, completely eliminating the phenomenon that the minimum target weight that can be weighed in the past is 8 to 10 times the weight of a single grain. 

Question: How do you solve the weighing and packaging problem of big bags such as radix isatidis and oatmeal? 

Answer: This kind of packaging needs to solve several problems caused by material characteristics. First, feeding problems, too much feeding, easy to accumulate, difficult to feed to the line vibrating plate; second, feeding to the line vibrating plate The materials are easy to overlap, it is difficult to feed the line vibrating plate evenly, and it is easy to appear that the part of the line vibrating plate is full and the part of the line vibrating plate is short of material; third, the material is easy to overlap the end of the online vibrating plate; fourth, Similar to the bag material, the fluidity is poor and there is a material overlap and accumulation phenomenon. Fifth, the hopper volume is too small to cause the phenomenon of pinch. Because we found these phenomena, after many experiments, we finally decided to use the high-sensitivity weighing material detection function with the rotating main vibration machine to achieve evenly spaced feeding, which can effectively solve the problem of uneven accumulation due to uneven feeding and difficult feeding. Adding a sweeping bar on the rotating main vibration plate can effectively solve the overlap and accumulation phenomenon of the material on-line vibration plate tail, and at the same time avoid the situation that the combinatoriality is poor due to the fact that part of the vibration plate is full and some of the vibration plate has no material; The linear vibration machine developed by similar material weighing combined with the rotating system can effectively solve the problem of material overlap and difficult flow on the line vibration plate; the 2.5L hopper can eliminate the phenomenon of clamping due to the insufficient volume of the hopper; The software design of the 'package' count completely broke the packaging problem of the large package.

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