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Deep integration of implementation and automation in packaging machinery industry

Deep integration of implementation and automation in packaging machinery industry


At present, automation and a new generation of Internet technologies are deeply integrated with the food industry and are leading to profound changes in the food industry. Food and packaging machinery is developing from single operation to the whole industry chain the whole production line; From individual manual operation to robot cooking, food delivery, packaging, palletizing and other Internet, artificial intelligence deep integration. Today, a new generation of Internet technology and food industry has been deeply integrated, creating a profound change in the food industry. China's economy into the new normal, from the "eat" to the "eating well", sales of the first year of tens of billions of large food group constantly emerging, and form a complete set of food and packaging machinery development to the whole industry chain operation filling machines production. From individual manual operation to robot cooking, food delivery, packaging,  palletizing  and other Internet, artificial intelligence deep integration.In recent five years. It's the most heavily invested in food and technology in our country, the highest concentration of technical expertise and research fields, the highest concentration of technology and the highest concentration of technology, the most advanced and patented results and the most dramatic of all times.A number of key technical and equipment problems have been overcome, and fruitful achievements have been made in the development of technology and key equipment in key areas such as grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry products, aquatic products processing, liquid food packaging, and so on. Independent innovation capability has been greatly enhanced.

Kenwei -Deep Integration Of Implementation And Automation In Packaging Machinery

Kenwei -Deep Integration Of Implementation And Automation In Packaging Machinery-1
A number of core technologies and advanced equipment with independent intellectual property rights have been developed in various fields of food equipment, and a number of whole-line and single-machine technical equipment with high level of intellectualization, automation and greening have been launched. It has made a great breakthrough in research on key technology such as non-hot food preparation, degradable food packaging material, online safety inspection and quality monitor, food safety tracing covering whole industrial chain, remote control and diagnosis based on Internet of thing technology,such as Kenwei’s parallel manipulator JW-D1100,it applicable to food, medicine, spices, plastics, handicrafts, electronics and various types of materials sorting and transporting of other industries ,the max speed is 150P/M and the repeat accuracy is ±0.1mm,it max load is 3000g. parallel manipulator can be docked front-end check weigher,metal detector,X-ray detector and other packaging production line automation application equipment,strong versatility,wide application rage,high precision and strong stability.its touch screen HMI, multi-coordinate form of adjustment, can do point control, parameter settings  etc. Support teaching mode, can do the line, arc and space trajectory movement. In addiction, parallel manipulator has overload automatic shutdown protection function and support multi-station appointments.we have been adhering to "stability is the key to save" and "professional manufacturing, excellent quality, integrity management" these concepts,and we will make effort to combine weighing packaging technology with advanced automated production systems together,thus create more stable and efficient automatic weighing and packaging systems.Also,we make effort to promote industry automation, production cost savings, improve production efficiency and make unremitting efforts to be the  innovative and respected global enterprise.


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