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Featured combination weigher and after-sale technical answers Part 2

Featured combination weigher and after-sale technical answers Part 2


The customer reflected that the vibration plate of the combination weigher was leaking, which caused a large amount of material to accumulate under the vibration plate? 

The main reason may be that the process design of the line vibration plate is not suitable for the material. The vibration plate can be changed to a concave type to enhance the anti-leakage effect. Remove the main vibration plate, it is recommended that the customer use a clean and hygienic plastic cover to put on the end of the online vibration plate, and then install the main vibration plate to prevent material from gathering at the end of the online vibration plate and causing material leakage. 

Do customers reflect that sometimes the motor does not reset? 

There may be several reasons: 

1.It may be that the photoelectric detection fails;

2.It may be that the photoelectric detection disk is broken;

3.It may be that the photoelectric detection disk is relatively misaligned with the motor bearing;

4.It may be the failure of the mainboard.

The corresponding detection methods are

1.The photoelectric detection failure hopper door will open the door three times in succession, and the action is obvious;

2.The aluminum box can be removed for observation, and the photoelectric detection disk can be broken.

3.The photoelectric detection disk and the motor bearing position coordination requirements, The rubber particles are directly below the motor bearing. At this time, the notch of the photoelectric detection plate must be aligned with the position of the notch of the photoelectric detection board. It is not difficult to determine;

4.Unplug the photoelectric detection bus plug from the mainboard and find the gear pin of the abnormal motor. Connect it to the ground and operate the motor in a manual test. If the motor can stop, the mainboard is good.

Do customers reflect that when the weighing speed of the combination weigher is 40 packs/min, the accuracy is very different? 

Through communication, it is known that the accuracy is good when the running speed is low, indicating that the combination weigher is not too problematic; the running speed of 40 bags/min is not good, and the parameters should be set unreasonably. It is recommended to set the sampling stabilization time to 80 and the filter coefficient to 6. 

Do customers reflect that all the weighing buckets of the combination weigher are weak and accompanied by noise? 

There may be several reasons: 

1. Two drive boards that control the weighing hopper are faulty; 

2. The mainboard controls the circuit of the weighing hopper motor; 

3. The working voltage of the drive board of the control weighing hopper motor is unstable. 

The corresponding detection method is 

1.Unplug the storage hopper motor control cable plug (P12, P14) on the mainboard, insert it into the weighing hopper control socket (P11, P13), and then move all the weighing hoppers in the manual test, So as to determine whether there is a problem with the mainboard; 

2.Exchange the 26P control cable of the weighing hopper and the storage hopper, and re-test the storage hopper manually to eliminate the problem of the cable; 

3.Measure the voltage between D011 and D012 (normal AC24V). 

The customer reported that the 10 head multihead weigher has a collecting hopper and the packaging machine adopts the ready signal of the combination weigher. When the combination weigher has no combination signal (pause for one package), the packaging machine will act when the material has not yet arrived at the packaging machine when the combination weigher has no combination signal. , Resulting in an empty package? 

The ready signal of the combination weigher is basically output when the weighing hopper is opened. When the combination weigher is not combined, the spare material of the collecting hopper is directly used, and there will be a time gap of the material in the next discharge. So it will cause an empty package. Just adjust the signal to solve the problem.

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