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China's industrial automation control industry market size

China's industrial automation control industry market size


Industrial automation control technology is a kind of control theory, instruments and meters, computer and information technology, realize detection, control and optimize the process of industrial production, scheduling, management and decision-making, to increase production, improve quality, reduce consumption and ensure safety integrated technology. The current industry mainly relates to the electric power, electronics, computer, artificial intelligence, communication and mechanical and electrical and other fields.

Along with our country traditional industry technical transformation, factory automation and enterprise information development speed, industrial automation system requirements will continue to increase. Last year, industrial automatic control system in our country the size of the market reached 380 billion yuan. Because there are many different kinds of industrial automation control system equipment products, market demand is big, the competition is fierce, the key technology of domestic companies in high-end product development and product manufacturing, compared with abroad there is still a large gap. In recent years, domestic enterprises for the introduction of foreign production technology and independent research and development speed, and constantly to narrow the technology gap with foreign enterprises. At the same time, the domestic comprehensive enterprise in the localization production, product price and sales channels also has a certain advantage.

Industry upstream from the point of the industrial chain, industrial automatic control system for electrical components, steel, and various mechanical parts; Downstream mainly involved in chemical industry, electric power, robots, electric cars, rail transportation and other fields. Among them, the downstream robot, rail transportation, such as increasing of market demand, will produce huge impetus to the rapid development of the industrial automation industry, is expected to become the industrial automation control the important direction of enterprise diversification.

Rail transit traction system, signal control system, converter, motor and high pressure are typical industrial control drive and electric processing equipment. With continued rapid growth of urban rail transit construction in our country, industrial automation control system equipment industry will usher in rapid development opportunities. As of last year, a total of 44 in China urban rail transit planning, the existing urban rail transit operation, 26 cities opened a total of 116 lines, the operating line of 3618 km. Among them, 2658 kilometers of subway, accounting for 73.4%. In addition, last year China's new urban rail transit line operating mileage of 445 kilometers, the previous year increased by 14%, by 2020, our country will have a 50 cities with urban rail transit, operating total mileage is expected to reach 6000 km.

In addition, with China's labor costs increased and supporting policies kept increasing, the rapid popularity of industrial robots will drive automation control equipment surging demand. Last year, according to China's industrial robot needs for 66000, will reach 2020 units by 2020 robot ontology, servo motor and drive robot market demand will exceed 4.5 billion yuan, at the same time servo system integration business will reach 13 billion yuan. The robot industry development planning (2016-2020) proposed that by 2020 China's annual production of industrial robots will reach 100000 units. Among them, more than six axis and robot more than 50000 units, robot density reaches more than 150 units.

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