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Kenwei Difficult Problem Solving: Combination Scale Operation Problem

Kenwei Difficult Problem Solving: Combination Scale Operation Problem


Kenwei -Kenwei Difficult Problem Solving: Combination Scale Operation Problem,

Question: Customer feedback “weighing is not allowed, enter the running interface of the manual test, the material is not displayed, and then it is not blanked.” How can I explain? Introduction: The display of Kenwei combination scale has six operation menus: running, manual test, production record, initial calibration, system setting and parameter setting. Enter the 'Run' menu system to fill the package, the displayed value is to set the target weight of the material, the preset speed, main amplitude, line amplitude can be adjusted in the running interface; enter the 'manual test' menu to operate each line vibration machine, Store the hopper and weighing hopper (to judge whether the components are working properly), you can also check the digital sensor readings (determine whether each sensor is weighing correctly), or simulate the operation (commissioning signal matching). 

Answer: Customer feedback 'weighing is not allowed, enter the manual test operation interface', according to the description is the simulation operation, the display weight of the simulation operation is randomly combined, not the combination of the accurate reading of the sensor, so the material to be discharged must be Not allowed (belongs to the normal phenomenon); 'There is no display value after cutting, and then it is not blanked'. According to the above phenomenon, it is judged in the manual test menu action weighing hopper, only the material is not displayed, when all the weighing is done After the material of the bucket is discharged, the weighing bucket will have no material (not to be cut, it is also a normal phenomenon). 

Question: The customer gave me feedback ‘Every day the device needs to be recalibrated’. What is the reason? 

Answer: Kenwei brand combination scale does not need to calibrate the sensor every day. In general, it is only necessary to recalibrate the sensor after replacing the sensor or module. Communication: Why should the customer recalibrate the sensor? According to what judgment, the sensor should be calibrated?  

Re: The customer recalibrates each sensor when it says that the weighing is not accurate.

Introduction: There are several factors in the weighing: First, judge whether the platform, combination scale, ground wire and each weighing bucket are installed. If the weighing hopper is completely stuck in the hanging card, the weighing hopper is in contact with other foreign objects. Secondly, understand the characteristics of the weighing material and the packaging specifications, requirements, etc., and then judge whether the parameter setting is reasonable, such as sampling stability time, filter coefficient, automatic zero time and participation in the number of combinations, etc.; again, communication to judge the running process Whether there are special phenomena such as entrainment and leakage, can also be judged according to the material characteristics analysis, parameter setting and actual weighing, whether there is any phenomenon that affects the precision of materials, materials, materials, etc.; What is the display accuracy? If the display accuracy is not ideal, the actual accuracy is not good. It is necessary to communicate the setting techniques and operation skills to improve the display accuracy and the actual accuracy. Finally, it is judged whether the detection of each sensor is accurate, whether the sensor is damaged, etc.

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