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Application status and development trend of automation control products in food packaging machinery industry

Application status and development trend of automation control products in food packaging machinery industry


Abstract: The largest application area of packaging machinery is the food industry. At present, the food industry accounts for 28% of China's packaging machinery market. By 2020, the Asian food retail market will account for 41% of the world market, and China will become the world's second largest. Food market. In the face of a huge industrial domestic demand market, how to improve equipment productivity and market competitiveness by applying automation control products is one of the issues we must consider. 

Keywords: automation control products; food packaging machine; application status   

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, also known as "fast consumables", refers to goods that sell fast and have relatively low prices. Although the absolute profit of fast-moving consumer goods is relatively low, the cumulative profit of goods can be high because of its large sales volume. The food and beverage industry is a sub-sector of the fast-moving consumer goods industry.   

Fast-moving consumer goods are not only a type of consumer goods, but also a comfortable, convenient and safe lifestyle that originated in the developed West and will be accepted and enjoyed by the world. The characteristics of fast-moving consumer goods determine that fast-moving consumer goods must be industrially produced on a large scale, and must be homogeneous, safe, hygienic, and low-cost manufacturing. We know that the industrial revolution has pushed the production mode of human society from the handicraft workshop to the stage of machine production. Its influence involves all aspects of human social life, which has brought about tremendous changes in human society and played an irreplaceable role in the promotion of human modernization. effect. With the advancement of human society, people enjoy the value brought by industrialization, and they are eager to liberate themselves from the heavy, mechanical and even dangerous production lines. The emergence of automation technology and the application of automation products are the best way to satisfy people's desire to return to nature and enjoy life. For fast-moving consumer goods such as food and beverage, the variety of goods, new and rapid, and higher quality, not only requires health and safety, but also requires aseptic and harmless. The advent of aseptic cold filling technology has made it possible for mass consumers to pursue natural and natural consumption fashion. For this reason, reliable automated control is especially critical for the food production line in the ultra-clean room, because any manual intervention can cause serious microbiological risks. Therefore, it is very difficult or even difficult to automate the equipment for aseptic production. Unable to achieve. Therefore, increasing the automation of the equipment is necessary to increase equipment productivity and improve product quality. The introduction of Guangdong Kenwei dust-proof anti-static combination scale makes the dust and the materials that are easy to generate static electricity flow gradually bid farewell to the manual measurement mode. 

1 Application status of automation control products in food packaging machinery industry     

Automated control products have been widely used in the packaging machinery industry, but the automation level of control systems for most packaging equipment in the food packaging machinery industry is still not very high. In terms of the level of control systems, domestic equipment manufacturers can be divided into several categories: 

(a) Simple relay circuit, button control, low level of automation. 

(b) Using PLC and HMI to simply replace the relay loop, the level of automation has improved, but the advantages of automation products have not been realized. 

(c) Using PLC and HMI, remote I/O, drive technology, bus technology, network communication technology, to a certain extent, the advantages of automation products, the level of automation is relatively high, improve the control ability of the single machine, improve the stand-alone effectiveness. Compared with foreign manufacturers, we are limited by the standard specifications, technology, cost and other conditions. There is still a big gap in the application of automation products, and the efficiency of the use of automation products is not small. As a major equipment supplier in the food packaging machinery industry, Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Factory has been continuously tracking the advanced technology in the field of automation, constantly applying new technologies to the equipment we provide, so that the automation of the products has been continuously improved and the equipment has been upgraded. Productivity protects the customer's investment. The pace of development of Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Factory is roughly divided into several stages: 

(a) Since the beginning of the use of PLC as the center of the control system 20 years ago, remote I/O, inverter/servo technology, and HMI technology have been applied to the control system. 

(b) With the maturity of bus technology, bus technology such as PROFIBUS-DP, CC-LINK and DEVI-CENET has been the first in domestic food packaging machinery, which has simplified the electrical installation and shortened the installation and commissioning time of the equipment. 

(c) Advances in drive technology. The use of variable frequency electrical synchronization replaces the traditional mechanical transmission, which simplifies the mechanical structure, improves the transmission accuracy, and reduces the fault and fault recovery time. 

(d) Security controls. The first to deploy a safety control loop in the control system, with perfect mechanical protection, to provide customers with equipment that can be used safely. 

(e) The development of network technology has made industrial Ethernet possible, and the application of Ethernet communication to the control system has laid the foundation for the future SCADA system.

 (f) The application of PackML technology further standardizes automation technology and standardizes control interfaces. Although the automation of stand-alone equipment is already relatively high and the productivity of equipment is relatively high, more automation technology must be applied to further improve the efficiency of the machine. Just like having a good car and having a good highway, Advanced traffic command systems must be deployed to play their part. 

2 The development trend of automation control products in the food packaging machinery industry   

2.1 The machine's detection system is perfect, making the machine more intelligent. With the improvement of detection technology and the increase of detection means, the machine equipment is equipped with more detection mechanisms, which can not only display the faults of the current machine, the fault location, but also the possibility of occurrence. The failure is predicted, the life of each vulnerable component is evaluated, and the operator is notified in advance to check and replace it to avoid malfunction.   

2.2 Network technology, especially Ethernet technology, enhances the real-time performance and compatibility of the system. The rapid development of industrial Ethernet technology provides better real-time and compatibility for the control system, making our industrial products closer to IT. Fieldbus technology allows the central PLC of the control system to better sense and control the machine. Industrial Ethernet technology can not only replace the fieldbus technology to a certain extent, but also enable the production center to understand the PLC faster and in more detail, and to understand the working state of the machine more comprehensively and quickly.   

2.3 Wireless Technology Applications   

Industrialized Bluetooth and WLAN technologies are maturing, and they can be expected to be widely used in food packaging machinery in the near future. Wireless technology not only saves a lot of cables, neatly tidys up the production line, but also provides convenience for flexible configuration control systems.   

2.4 Establish multi-machine coordination mechanism to realize intelligent control, which can greatly improve the productivity of production line. At present, food packaging machinery is controlled by single machine. Each single machine only guarantees the machine by simple signal exchange with its adjacent machine. run. Once other machines on the production line fail or the production conditions change, it can only know the situation by the signal transmitted step by step, resulting in unnecessary downtime. If there is a multi-machine coordination mechanism, each machine can quickly know the situation of the entire production line, and take measures according to this situation to make the production line more optimized and more efficient.   

2.5 Remote monitoring and diagnosis system, quickly help customers to identify and solve faulty network technology and detection technology are available on the machine, remote monitoring and diagnosis is very easy; with the existing commercial network, it is easy to achieve off-site production line Monitoring, diagnosis and modification. Manufacturers can help customers quickly resolve failures in this way, reducing downtime and saving time, resources and money. For group customers, the headquarters can understand the production line operation of each production company in real time, plan production deployment, quickly develop and implement new production plans, and improve the competitiveness of their products in the market.   

2.6 MES system interface is established, the production line is connected to the enterprise's MES system in the production process, with real-time accurate information to report production activities. Respond quickly to respond to change, reduce production activities without added value, and increase the efficiency of operations and processes.   

2.7 Extensive use of automation control products, the use of efficient actuators, energy saving, green energy consumption and waste is an inevitable problem of industrial production, by using efficient actuators, such as high-efficiency motors and other devices, as much as possible Improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and waste, and use degradable materials as much as possible to achieve green manufacturing, protect the environment, and protect our planet. Since the first industrial revolution, the material production of human society has been greatly advanced and developed under the continuous improvement of the strong growth of consumer demand. Until the birth of the US Ford production line in the last century, it has laid the foundation for modern industrial production. The original model. The new things that began to emerge from the New World soon spread all over the world, which led to the liberation and development of productivity. At the same time, the workers in the production line also became the vassals of machinery. In the past, Chaplin’s silent film "Modern Times" for us Have a deep impression.   

History is advancing and society is progressing. The production line is mechanized-electrified-automation. After more than a century of technological advancement until the advent of electronic computers, if the machine-tool is an extension of the human limb, then the computer is an extension of the human brain function, and the digitalization of industrial technology is unstoppable . With the advancement of automation technology, we will certainly bring us more surprise products. We have reason to believe that more automation products and automation technology are applied in food packaging machinery, we can certainly create amazing equipment.

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