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Kenwei product design features

Kenwei product design features


Our main business is the development, production, and marketing of multi-head weigher, linear weigher, Check weigher, metal detectors, conveyor equipment, and other products, but also provide quantitative automatic weighing and packing system solutions to meet all industry users demand. The multi-head weigher is the company's core products, including 10, 14, 16, 24, 32 head of multi-class combination weigher covering mini, economical, standard and special purpose other models, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, hardware, household, and other fields, a vast number of packaging machine manufacturers and end-user support favored products. Today, we will explain the characteristics of Kenwei product design. 

1. Product hardware design ideas 

1)The machine frame plate is thickened, and the internal reinforcement ribs are used to ensure the rigidity of the whole machine, reduce vibration during the operation of the whole machine, and ensure the operation accuracy of the whole machine. 

2)The key components such as hopper, vibrating plate, and the waterproof upper cover are made of high-precision molds, with high consistency and strong interchangeability. 

3)The sensor adopts the well-known brand of Japan NMB or Germany HBM to ensure the accuracy and stability of the weighing. 

4)All AD modules use low-temperature precision resistors to ensure the stability of the zero points during long-term weighing. 

5)The circuit board design keeps improving and adopts industrial-grade design schemes. Industrial-grade materials and manufacturing processes are used from the selection of cores, PCB design, and PCBA protection. 

6)According to the material requirements of different industries, different types of products have been developed to suit the weighing needs of different materials in various industries. 

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2. Product software design ideas 

1)Our products adopt the same stable mode design of Japanese combination weigher, with high accuracy and small error range. 

2)The digital weighing scheme is adopted. The first-generation weigher adopts RS485 communication, and the second-generation scale adopts the more intelligent CAN bus communication. 

3)The man-machine interface adopts the standard Modbus protocol, which is fully compatible with the standard industry and can easily realize the two-in-one interface with the packaging machine. 

4)Modbus industrial standard communication protocol realizes the multihead weigher and packaging machine interface. 

5)Independently developed software systems can meet the individual needs of different customers. Simple operation ideas, preset 13 sets of factory parameters, automatic parameter setting function, make your operation and training easier. 

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Software features of combination weighers above the second generation 

1.The new highly integrated modular design adopts CAN bus technology, which is more efficient and stable. The advantages of CAN bus:

a) Compared with the first generation of RS485 bus, CAN field bus is a more reliable, stronger anti-interference, and suitable for harsh environments; reliable error handling and error detection mechanism. 

b) The CAN bus node has the function of automatically exiting the bus in the case of serious errors to avoid affecting the operation of the whole machine when a bucket is abnormal and minimizing the operation obstacles of the combination weigher. 

c) High-speed data transmission rate (more than 4 times the original), using 2 bytes CRC check code, complete and reliable communication protocol, to meet the high-speed and stable operation of the combination weigher. 

d) CAN controller works in multi-master mode so that each module fault can actively feedback the status to the main board at any time, making the fault diagnosis and report of the combination weigher more timely, comprehensive, and intelligent. 

2. With industrial control standard screen 

The adoption of the Modbus industry-standard communication protocol improves the standardization of equipment and makes it possible to combine the human interface of the combination weigher and the packaging machine into one, which can make the control operation of the entire system more concentrated. 

3. High-speed asynchronous discharge function The motor drive signal is automatically executed by the MCU of each module to realize the time-sharing action of the motor, effectively preventing material blockage, and has no obvious impact on the speed. 

4. Add hopper options Adding a storage hopper to the weighing hopper and the aggregate can further reduce the drop height from the weighing hopper to the collecting hopper and has a better speed-up effect on fragile materials and materials that are easy to bounce. 

5. Support 200g, 1000g multi-stage weight calibration Multi-segment calibration is helpful to improve the weighing accuracy when the weight is small. 

6. The runtime world can call and view other parameters General operators can view and call different parameter numbers in the operation menu, no password is required, and the operation is simpler and more convenient. 

7. Intelligent fault alarm prompts provide users with accurate and timely prompts and guides to the source of the fault, helping users to quickly troubleshoot and save users time. Fault alarm prompts motor weakness, motor photoelectric detection failure, sensor overload, sensor failure, module communication failure, motherboard communication fail. The degree of modularity is higher, and the installation, debugging and maintenance of mechanical and electronic components is easier. 

Through reference, digestion, and absorption, to independent technological innovation, Kenwei gradually develops and owns core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, establishes a sound technological innovation and new product development incentive system, and forms an incentive mechanism for sustainable innovation. Through continuous technology Development or technological upgrading, to promote technological progress in the industry.


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