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Thermal Transfer Overprinter

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The thermal transfer printer machine developed by Kenwei can create and edit tag files such as texts and calendars through editing software. It also supports the installation of various major Chinese and English vector fonts to meet the needs of personalized customization.

It can be effectively used to replace characters such as the date of encoding according to the needs of the user. At the same time, it supports USB input files and supports network cables to connect to other devices to obtain printed content. It can encode one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, images and tables. At the same time, it also implements flexible and reliable I/O input/output control.

It also supports exporting tag files and updating the motherboard software. Its touch screen user interface integrates with the wrapper interface, which make the structure simpler. Also, it is highly compatible with DC24V power packaging equipment, eliminating the need for an external power box, making the structure more compact and more complete.

It features a unique ribbon cartridge reel structure that makes it easier to change ribbons and has a perfect presentation of 300DPI, and the coding effect is clear and sturdy. The easy-to-remove button-type open cover structure ensures quick installation and easy operation.

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