Kenwei is a global professional manufacturer which specialized in weigher packing machines and multi-head weigher machines.

Why us

   After 10 years of development, Kenwei has become one of the largest manufacturing bases.

We produce professional combination scales (linear weighers/

check weighers/metal detectors, etc.) that are very popular in the world.



• In 2007, Kenwei was awarded the“Technology Innovation Award”

Our processing and packaging adopt a “stable time development model”.

• Kenwei was awarded the Industry-University-Research Combination Award in combination weigher field.

• In 2016, Kenwei was granted as the high-tech enterprise.


According to the characteristics of different materials, we independently develop and produce different types of combination weighers which are suitable for the weighing requirements of various materials.Our machine adopts the same stable mode design as Japanese combination weigher, high precision and less error range.HMI uses standard Modbus protocol, fully compatible with the industry standard, and easily achieve real two-in-one packaging machine interface.)More diverse function:more convenient operation,such as easy cleaning, simulation tests, free output ports,timing hopper for choice,et

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    At present, only a few manufacturers produce combined weighers, such as Ishida.

    Kenwei adopts the "stable time development model" in programming and development to ensure the long-term stability of the weigher.

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    The main advantage is reflected in the weighing accuracy, which indicates that the average error between the actual weight and the displayed weight is small, helping the customer save material. The interval between repeated opening and closing of the hopper door is the same.

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    Considering the mode of the main vibrator and the linear vibrator and the influence of the vibrational absorption capacity of the frame on the weigher accuracy, Kenwei independently developed standard and high-amplitude vibrators.

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    Molds and Components

    The main components include the hopper, vibrating plate and waterproof cover, etc. with high-precision molds with high consistency and interchangeability.

    The sensors we use are purchased from well-known brands from Japan and Germany. The circuit board conforms to the high industrial standard.

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    Individual Needs

    Kenwei has developed a variety of weighers made of different materials, including the counting weigher (pouch fill into a large bag), noodle weigher, weigher for frozen food, feeding-control weigher, weigher for sticky products, cheese weigher, salad weigher, etc.

    products can be selected for digital and modular, single or multi discharge chutes, "high precision"

    and "high speed" can be freely selected, etc., including self-developed software system in order to

    better meet the individual needs of different clients.

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    Diverse functions, more convenient operation such as easy cleaning, simulation tests, free output ports, timing hopper, etc. HMI fully compliant with the standard Modbus protocol. Compatible with industry standards and easy to achieve two-in-one function.packaging machine



• After ten years of hard work, we have established a professional technical team. Most engineers have extensive industry experience. They have comprehensive design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and commissioning, technical training and after-sales service experience of fully automated weighing and packaging systems.

• We have a technical team that can respond quickly to specific projects to meet the different requirements of customers.

• Kenwei has a rigorous new product development process that can promote overall guidance on molds, internal and external craft processes and can improve the machine’s consistency and stability.

Product Customization

• Our technical team has a wealth of special project experience to meet the different requirements of our customers.

• We have 10 years of product customization experience and rich industry application experience.

• According to the actual situation of the customer, we will study the production characteristics and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the more adaptable planned program.


• The quality department will conduct environmental simulation tests, frequency tests and waterproof tests, 50 / 60Hz frequency vibration and rotating cone inspection to simulate high and low-temperature environment as to study the working conditions of the machine at different voltages and frequencies.

• Our quality department includes 16 inspection positions and steps including material inspection, QE, inspection, checking before and after the aging test and finished product inspection.

• We attach great importance to material inspection and finished product inspection.

• Key components such as circuit boards and screens must be put into a 72-hour uninterrupted aging test at 50 ° C. The uninterrupted aging test for each machine must be performed within 7 days prior to delivery.

Weighing And Packing System

Kenwei weighing and packaging equipment has been adopted by many large companies, such as LECHU FOODS, SISTER MA CANDY, CALBEE, CONBA, BINQI FOOD, NISSIN,etc. In weighing and packaging equipment, Kenwei is professional, so it is used by many large companies. In the future, Kenwei will cooperate with more well-known large-scale enterprises, continue to build our brand and bring weighing equipment to all countries in the world.

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