Kenwei is a global professional manufacturer which specialized in weigher packing machines and multi-head weigher machines.

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Packing Machine Accessories

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Kenwei offers a wide range of accessories including the inclined conveyor, finished conveyor, rotary collecting table, working platform, Z conveyor.

The inclined conveyor can be used to efficiently transport materials. It adopts a chain plate design and a conveyor belt type designed for large particle material. Therefore, it is very suitable for the delivery of powders and various free-flowing products. It has a maximum conveying capacity of up to 400mmm /h and a conveying height of up to 3.6 meters.

The finished conveyor is used to transport the finished product to the inspection machine and packaging platform. Its height is 0.6-0.85m, ensuring delivery capacity and efficiency. Moreover, the belt type and chain type are customizable.

The rotary collecting table can be used to collect finished products, which later will be taken away by workers. Its height can reach 0.75-0.8m and it effectively adopts the automatic control.

The working platform is compact and its material is U304 stainless steel painted steel, which guarantees good wear resistance and stability. Its dimension is 900 (length) x 1900 (width) x 1800-2000 (height) mm. Also, it is equipped with guardrails and ladders for ensuring convenient operation and strong safety.

The Z conveyor is suitable for vertical conveying of granular materials such as corn, food, plastics and chemicals. Its transfer speed is very fast, which is up to 5.5mmm/h. The Z-type design is very sturdy and its conveyor height is 3.3-3.6m, making it convenient to send products to a high place for processing.

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