Kenwei is a global professional manufacturer which specialized in weigher packing machines and multi-head weigher machines.


Our Advantage

Weighing packaging system (production line) mainly including the following two equipment:

Weighing machine (such as multi-head weigher): Standard configurations, cost savings and efficiency.

Packaging machine: Filling materials and forming bags with sound structure.

Weighing and packaging production line suppliers are as following:

1. Weighing machine manufacturers

2. Packaging machine manufacturers

Comprehensive Analysis of Machine Manufacturers 


Weighing machine: This precision intelligent equipment determines the weighing accuracy and improves production efficiency and cost savings.


Packaging machine: It determines the beauty and the sound structure of bags.

Factors That Affect Performance

Weighing machine: The choice of weighing equipment, the adaptability of materials and configurations for debugging, product quality, debugging experience, qualification of engineer, etc.


Packaging machine: Debugging skills, machine quality.

Industry Maturity

Weighing machine: Developing stage, demanding professional experience, high technical requirements, different industry level, large price gap.


Packaging machine: Mature stage, skilled workers, standardized debugging experience, small price difference.


Weighing Machine Manufacturers

Weighing machine: Familiar with the weighing machine; acquire professional weighing technology, experience and solutions.


Packaging machine: Due to the maturity of the packaging machine industry, the machine debugging skills are relatively simple and have little impact on the quality of the packaging.

Packaging Machine Manufacturers

Weighing machine: Not familiar with the weighing equipment and may choose the wrong weighing machine that is not suitable for some materials, which affects the accuracy and efficiency of the whole line.


Packaging machine: Familiar with the packaging machine; the advantages of the familiarity with the machine installation and adjustment.

Comprehensive Analysis of Production Line Supplier

Weighing Machine Manufacturers

They have extensive experience in the weighing machine installation and adjustment. For different materials, they offer different weighing machines and different solutions to maximize weighing accuracy, save costs and increase productivity. At the same time, they master the packaging machine configuration debugging skills well. Therefore, the weighing machine manufacturer is an excellent weighing production line supplier.

Packaging Machine Manufacturers

Due to their lack of experience in weighing machine installation and adjustment, they only need to master the main skills. They are not familiar with the weighing equipment and may choose the wrong weighing machine that is not suitable for some materials, which affects the accuracy and efficiency of the whole line. They have a certain weight packaging production line supply capacity.

Kenwei Machinery Advantages

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