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Counting Machine

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The counting machine manufactured by Kenwei adopts a 7-inch full-color touch screen that can adjust the speed of the integrated particles. The machine can realize the stepless adjustment of the counting unit to go up and down and the adjustable range is 50-250mm. It is equipped with a man-machine interface and is easy to operate. It also has a dust cover to ensure the hygiene of products.

It is endowed with a track type and is designed with dual channels to increase the counting speed. The two-channel control unit enables easy switching and independent control of dual outlets and single outlets for greater flexibility. It is easy to operate and equipped with conveyor equipment to effectively interface with front and rear equipment. It is worth mentioning that 100 sets of working parameter settings can be saved with great working efficiency.

There is no need for resetting if the line changes quickly. It is ideally suited to meet the counting requirements for products with different shapes.

It is equipped with the infrared electronic grain, which automatically obtains sensitivity value and material characteristics to facilitate setting parameters. Its high-speed CAN bus control makes it easy to expand the number of food channels and its high-sensitivity infrared electronic counting head provides high-speed resolution and fast response, enabling real-time monitoring of material passing conditions. At the same time, its electric door can quickly intercept materials and ensure the accuracy of counting.

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