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Optoelectronic counting system

Optoelectronic counting system

Optoelectronic counting production line

The working procedure of the counting production lines including: arranging bottles or boxes, counting, box packing, bottle packing, labeling, etc.

Working principle for optoelectronic counting machine

The particles pass through the hopper, and the feeder is adjusted in the primary, intermediate or final vibration mode so that the particles in the hopper can pass continuously through the vibrating plate to the drop mouth. From the drop mouth to the detection channel, when granules fall through the infrared dynamic scanning sensor and the high-speed microprocessor, the counting function is implemented by the program utilizing the principle of photoelectric effect.


  1. 1. High-precision high-speed electronic chip technology from well-known foreign manufacturers, high-speed intelligent recognition technology, full Chinese dynamic graphics display operating system, flexible settings or adjustable parameters.

    2. Most particulate materials are highly compatible.

    3. Vibration discharge: Multi-channel vibration uniform discharge, excellent material packing mechanism, uniform and stable materials, no damage to drugs.

    4. Dustproof: Optimized high dust photoelectric sensor technology, stable operation under high dust conditions.

    5. Precise counting: Photoelectric sensor automatic counting, error smaller than international standards.

    6. Material contact part: AISI316 / AISI304 stainless steel meeting high standards of hygiene requirements, easy to clean and maintain.

    7. Mechanical structure and other components fastened and fully sealed for electrical control , pneumatic locking screen, embedded buckle structure, easy to disassemble and clean.

    8. High degree of intelligence, no need for bottle counting, fault self-test and other alarm control functions.

    9. Function matching: lack of automatic detection of photoelectric sensor, automatic shutdown.

    10. Normal production process, no special attention required, multiple protection devices.

Standard optoelectronic counting system JW-B29


Suitable for most granular soft and hard capsules and transparent capsules, tablets, pills, seeds, hardware, plastic parts, mechanical parts, electronic parts, other solids, etc.


1. Suitable for plastic bottles of various shapes.

2. High counting accuracy and efficiency.

3. Adapt to various materials.

4. High-speed bottling line for bottles.

5. Stepless speed change, reliable operation, coordinated action and smooth transportation.

6. Fully automatic operation, intelligent control of upper and lower process, no need for special     operation, saving labor.

7. Inverted bottle detection waste removal function ensuring no inverted bottle back into the post-treatment process.

8. Elimination of unqualified products. (removal of drug particles, etc.)

9. Simple structure, easy to clean and maintain.

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