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Application Research of Mechanical Automation in the Field of Food Packaging

Application Research of Mechanical Automation in the Field of Food Packaging


【Abstract】With the advancement of mechanical and electronic technology, mechanical automation has fully utilized its own technological advantages in various fields. The high demand for food packaging safety is mechanical automation here. 

Development in a field provides a broad space for development. In recent years, China's food packaging industry has developed rapidly, but the overall development of the food packaging industry has always been insufficient. This paper introduces the current application status of machinery in food packaging, analyzes the existing problems, and proposes practical and feasible strategies. 

Key words: mechanical automation; food packaging; research 

 China's food packaging industry has made great progress in recent years, and it has become an industry in China with relatively dynamic development and development prospects. However, we must clearly understand that because domestic food packaging technology started late in research and development, lacked core technologies that are resistant to similar equipment in the West, and was affected by factors such as insufficient integration and optimization of existing resources. The application of mechanical automation in China in the field of food processing industry is very limited, and the foundation of independent innovation technology is relatively weak. Especially in the past few years, news events about food packaging unsafe have occurred. For example, food packaging paper actually uses recycled paper; an international first-line brand beverage packaging causes consumer food poisoning; Pepsi-Cola freezes Afterwards, a series of events, such as an instant explosion when the opening caused the child to disfigure, pointed the finger at the food packaging safety. Many of the domestic enterprises have been affected by this small wrapping paper, resulting in a sharp decline in their export volume, resulting in a greater international impact. At the same time, the safety and hygiene of food packaging has always been highly concerned by countries such as the European Union and the United States and Japan. Some developed countries have set strict regulations on the quality of food packaging in China. As a result, food packaging has become a China's new means of setting trade barriers.

 一、The status quo of China's machinery automation in the food packaging industry 

 Throughout China's current food industry, the composition of its market belongs to a kind of "abnormal" development. The market pattern of "one strong and many poles" is difficult to change in a short time, and part of it is nationalization.In the background of large-scale food production enterprises, this type of enterprise has a monopoly advantage in terms of R&D technology and market share. Such enterprises have relatively abundant funds and are capable of promoting.The development of advanced mechanical automation equipment has been carried out smoothly. This has enabled many small enterprises in the “multi-level” position to achieve self-protection and survive in the fierce market competition.Easy, it is even less likely to invest more energy in innovation and improvement in the quality of packaging related to food safety.   

 In recent years, the state has also recognized that such a development trend is a great obstacle to the application of China's mechanical automation in the field of food packaging. Therefore, the country has gradually begun to adopt strategies.The status quo has been innovated, and some new technologies and equipment have been used by small and medium-sized enterprises. It is with the help of mechanical automation that is in the process of production and efficiency.There have been more obvious improvements in the face. However, compared with the developed countries, the quality and technology of China's current mechanical automation equipment, there is still a big gap, the packaging of China's food industry.The link is still dominated by the single-machine operation of mechanical equipment, and its technological content and intelligence level are completely inferior to the average level of similar industries in developed countries. On the one hand, the mechanical automation equipment of developed countries in Europe and America has formed a relatively obvious market impact on China's mechanical processing equipment with independent intellectual property rights by virtue of more advanced technology and relatively tempting prices. Some of them are more technology-friendly and have strong purchasing power. The production enterprises will be automatically attracted by the machinery and equipment produced in Europe and the United States, which has a great negative impact on the design, development, production and sales of related domestic machinery automation. In the long run, the domestic mechanical automation will be completely lost. On the other hand, China's mechanical automation innovation capability in the field of food packaging is insufficient, the research and development of related equipment starts late, and the research and development and production enterprises have limited working capital. In today's competitive market, which is a fierce competition. Under the environment, the ability to withstand foreign technology is weak. 

 二、Innovation of China's machinery automation 

(1) High-tech practicalization      

China's mechanical automation equipment has made great progress in the development of high and new technology, mainly in the aspects of aseptic cold-filled packaging, ultra-high temperature sterilization, vacuum packaging, microcomputer technology, etc. The mature application of these technologies provides a reliable guarantee for the storage time and quality of food packaging. At the same time, we must be pleased to see that China’s current New Beauty, Tech-Long, and China Research State-owned equipment manufacturers have also reached the domestic first-class level in high-end beverage equipment such as blow-in machine and injection molding machine. Palletizing machine, packing machine, sleeve labeling machine, weighing instrument, etc. It is already in the mature application stage of food packaging. Of course, in order to realize the comprehensive technological innovation of mechanical automation in the field of food packaging, it is necessary for China's related enterprises to continuously increase research.The strength of the investment. 

(2) Efficient use of resources    

In terms of utilizing resources, it is mainly to improve the recyclable and recyclable recycling of limited resources by mechanical equipment, fully realize the best use of materials, and strengthen the composition of processed materials.Extraction, reducing the loss of nutrition due to packaging quality problems. 

(3) Research and development of energy-saving equipment      

Industry insiders predict that the future trend of food packaging machinery in China should be toward energy-saving, recyclable and intelligent development. For example, with the maturity of servo technology, foreign first Into the equipment, the mechanical transmissions such as ordinary gears and belts are gradually changed into servo drives. On the basis of intelligent and precise control, energy can be saved to a large extent. At the same time, research in mechanical automation on the road of development, we also need to face the direction of environmental protection. This development policy is a rare development opportunity for China's packaging industry. China's related enterprises must recognize the mechanical equipment early.Take the social benefits and corporate benefits created by the road to environmental protection. The innovation of this technology not only conforms to the national sustainable development strategy, but also reduces the production cost for the enterprise itself.Energy-saving equipment will create greater economic and ecological win-win benefits for enterprises. 

三、Application of mechanical automation in the field of packaging 

At present, many advanced food machinery and equipment in the field of food packaging contain powerful automated processing and operation capabilities, such as interaction between programmable language groups and devices.Application, so that many mechanical equipment can be controlled by the operator freely, can be better adapted to various adjustments in the production process; for example, the manufacturing execution system (MES) can be programmed by PLC Device, data collector, bar code, various measurement and testing instruments, robots and other on-site control systems connect the shop floor operations to achieve central control, and can also be released from orders through information transfer.Optimized management of the entire production process to the completion of the product. In the future food packaging industry, mechanical automation will develop towards the above-mentioned intelligent, graphical and intuitive directions. It can be said that to ensure the efficiency of production efficiency, intelligent detection systems and automated mechanical equipment are in future applications. necessary. 

(I) application of safety monitoring in food packaging 

In the field of food packaging, ensuring the safety of food packaging is the basis of all operations of enterprises, is the guidelines for all actions in the industry, its important position is self-evident. According to the traditional means of food safety testing, most of them are judged by referring to the specified parameters of processing machinery, but the specific problems such as raw material quality, packaging process and food characteristics cannot be judged by simple parameters. With the progress of mechanical automation technology, there will be accurate monitoring means for all kinds of safety problems involved in the food packaging process. If some food in the whole process of processing, packaging, the factory will be involved in the product of all processes involved in real-time bacterial content testing; The high cover liquid level detector is developed to prevent product leakage or bottle mouth residual product mold field. There are also food packaging in the production process, involving the printing process, a large number of organic solvents are used in the production process, including xylene, isopropanol, butyl ketone and so on. These harmful solvents will more or less remain in the packaging materials, which requires the production enterprises to fully apply mechanical automation safety monitoring technology, strict monitoring of the amount of residual solvent on food packaging. At present, integrated electronic testing equipment has been widely applied in some large food processing plants abroad. Through this technology, food quality and safety can be accurately tested and predicted. Deterioration time. This kind of detection equipment is equipped with scanning, sensing, photography and other instruments. The detection personnel can observe the radio wave feedback of the scanner to the food, observe the music wave formed, and analyze the photos taken to realize the detection of food quality. 

(II) Application of motion control system in food packaging 

A key step in the development of China's food packaging machinery automation is to upgrade the motion control system, so that the technology of the motion control system is constantly improved and mature. In food packaging machinery The motion control technology is mainly to achieve precise control of the moving position, and the synchronization must be strictly implemented in terms of running speed. The motion control technology is mainly applied to the filling and packaging of food. Section. Once the entire food packaging operation begins, it must have a set of techniques to precisely control the production rhythm, control the production process as a whole, and use the servo motor technology to design Control the positioning of the torque, running accuracy, speed, and running position during standby operation. The more advanced bus-type motion control equipment in the market is realized by high-speed communication means. The real-time and precise control of the entire line realizes the positioning of multiple target points, and the device has functions such as rapid switching control mode and diversification of information interaction ports. At present, China's manufacturers with better remote system control are mainly represented by Shanghai Soontrue packaging machine and Guangdong Kenwei combination scale. 

(Ⅲ) Application of automatic identification technology in food packaging 

In the packaging of food, the system needs to identify the quality of the raw materials and finished products involved, and automatically reject the unqualified products, which promotes the development of automatic identification technology. The automatic identification technology has gradually formed a mature and stable identification system through advanced technologies such as optoelectronics, computer and intelligent information processing, including radio frequency and photography. Through the application of this technology, the company has improved production efficiency, reduced the probability of operational errors caused by artificial fatigue, and created upgrade conditions for multi-category food packaging for a single packaging line. The production cycle is reduced, the information acquisition of food is 100% accurate, and the quality and safety of the food produced are guaranteed. However, we must profoundly realize that China's sensor technology on motion control equipment is relatively backward. In the procurement process of related sensors, the dependence on imported products is very serious. The gap of domestic sensors is huge. According to statistics, the proportion of imported sensors accounts for 75% of all products, and the proportion of imported control chips exceeds 90%.  


In the increasingly fierce market competition, China's food packaging is also facing a very difficult challenge. In the field of food packaging, China's mechanical automation technology application is still in a disadvantageous position in the ever-changing market confrontation. Therefore, in order to achieve a reversal of the disadvantaged position of China's food packaging industry, it is necessary to strengthen the alliance and avoid the struggle of the army. It is necessary to scientifically analyze the domestic market, form industry associations, and have strong production enterprises to gather together to the market environment. To explore, we must first establish a foothold in the fierce market environment, and then seek a breakthrough based on this. The state should strengthen the support for enterprises, let enterprises take the road of group development, and let the industry's independent struggle and national macro support complement each other, so as to lay a solid foundation for China's mechanical automation to develop in the future.

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