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How to set up Kenwei Combination Scale?

How to set up Kenwei Combination Scale?


Kenwei -How To Set Up Kenwei Combination Scale

Question: Why don't all line vibrators move? 

Answer: In view of this phenomenon, there may be several situations as follows: first, the AC 110V transformer of the power supply of the vibrator is burned out, which can be detected and judged by visual measurement or multimeter; second, the circuit breaker of the vibrator is controlled to trip, which can be determined by visual measurement; third, the amplitude of all line vibrators is too small to adjust the line amplitude measurement. Fourthly, the feeding time of the vibrator is too small to be determined by entering the parameter setting menu. 

Result: The fourth case was confirmed by communication. 

Question: In the course of operation, the hopper has the phenomenon of material clamping. How to deal with it?

 Answer: There are usually two situations of hopper clipping, which can be observed during operation: one is that there are more materials in the hopper, and the clipping caused by the closure of the material without discharging the material gate when the door is discharged. This situation can call the low-speed motor mode and increase the hopper residence time; the other is that the hopper is discharging. In the process of closing the material door, the upper material has fallen off, which can increase the delay time of the upper part of the hopper. For example, the clamp of the hopper increases the delay time of the linear vibrator and the clamp of the weighing hopper increases the delay time of the hopper. 

Question: Which parameter settings are related to speed?

 Answer: The parameters directly affecting the speed are sampling stabilization time and storage hopper delay. The relationship between them and speed can be expressed as follows: Sampling stabilization time of 10 combined weighers is less than 6000_speed-hopper delay. Sampling stabilization time of 14 combined weighers is less than 6000(speed 2) - storage hopper delay. 

Question: How to improve the weighing accuracy of combined scale? 

Answer: There are three kinds of precision for combined scale: display precision, actual precision, display and actual precision, but they usually refer to actual precision. In fact, these three kinds of precision are closely related. Display precision and display precision and actual precision determine the actual accuracy, so in order to ensure the actual accuracy, display precision and display must be improved. Demonstration and actual accuracy. To improve the display accuracy, first of all, to ensure adequate material; secondly, to control the actual average number of combined buckets by adjusting the amplitude, feeding time and material thickness of the vibrator. When the actual average number of combined buckets is controlled at half of the number of working heads, the display accuracy is the highest. At the same time, it can be determined according to material characteristics and specifications. To improve the display and actual accuracy, first of all, ensure the reliability of installation details, such as: independent and reliable grounding of ground wire, level of platform installation plane, firmness, non-vibration, and so on; tightening the contact between the four legs of the combined scale and the platform without relative sliding and no suspended legs; secondly, increase the filter coefficient (enhancing anti-interference ability) and increase the sampling stability. Set the time. 

Question: Why do 14 combination weighers weigh 30g potato chips with my medium-speed packaging, and the total speed is less than 80 packs per minute? 

Answer:  Kenwei Brand Combination Scale weighs 30g potato chips and runs at 120 packs per minute. At present, there are several situations less than 80 packs per minute: firstly, lack of material and other conditions lead to incoherent operation; secondly, parameter setting is unreasonable, sampling stabilization time or storage hopper delay setting is too large, should meet the sampling stabilization time < 6000(speed 2) - storage hopper delay; thirdly, vibration amplitude, vibration machine feeding time. The unreasonable thickness of the matching material often leads to the continuous feeding from the storage hopper to the weighing hopper several times. Fourthly, the preset speed setting is not large enough, which limits the running speed of the combined scale. Through communication judgment, it is determined that the preset speed setting is not large enough.

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