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How does the vertical packing machine match the combination scale?

How does the vertical packing machine match the combination scale?


With the rapid development of China's food industry, the domestic demand for bag filling vertical packaging machine is very broad. In 2005, the vertical packaging machine factories mainly based on BAOPACK and Songchuan launched the Chinese version of 10-14 head combined scale quantitative weighing and packaging system, which realized the requirements of food manufacturers for high speed, high precision and full automation of the quantitative weighing and packaging system. The market sales increased all the way, laying a solid foundation for shaping the top brand in the field of food packaging.

 In the five-year history of BAOPACK vertical packaging machine, due to the inseparable relationship between food packaging and weighing, the limitations of single sale of vertical packaging machine are doomed. Continuous search for the best matching weighing machine is accompanied by the whole process of entrepreneurship. When talking about this, BAOPACK Zhou always said with great emotion: "when starting the business, the vertical packaging machine was sold by itself, and the food factory generally used manual weighing, then put the qualified materials into the conveyor, and then put them into the packaging machine to complete the packaging.In this way, the enterprise has more manpower and more chaotic production sites. Sometimes the packaging machine is unstable in order to accommodate the personnel; then the vertical packaging machine is equipped with a cup-type measuring tool or a common electronic scale. The supporting system is more artificial than the artificial one. Weighing efficiency has improved, so sales have improved, but there are several major flaws in cup-type or common electronic scales.First, the scope of application is narrow, the products weighed must be uniform and regular, the particles should not be too large; the second is the error, even if it is a product such as pistachio, the weighing error is above 6g; the third is the low pass rate and slow speed. These have long been the consensus of all vertical packaging machine manufacturers. The emergence of imported combination scales, thought that the remaining problems can be solved, but the actual operation is not the case: the price is too high for domestic food companies to bear the cost of service is too expensive for food manufacturers to complain. 

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd.adopts advanced components and components of computer combination. Its stable performance, honest after-sales service and more close to the price of domestic food terminals have won the favor and esteem of a large number of food manufacturers.The localization of the combination scale makes the computer combination scale which was originally regarded as the "noble product" no longer become the patent of large enterprises. Kenwei has completely solved the problem of supporting weighing tools in the vertical packaging machine factory. It not only has a wider scope of application, but also makes the price of the combination scale quantitative weighing and packaging system more attractive. In addition, the inherent high precision, high speed and other characteristics of the combination scale make it complete. The potential of each market has been fully stimulated. Almost all candy, melon seeds, frozen, jelly, expanded food, pet food, plastic parts, hardware and other factories urgently need to purchase combination scales for quantitative weighing, and arm their production lines with a high-precision, high-speed and fully automatic combination scale quantitative weighing and packaging system, thus setting off a reduction in personnel and efficiency, and saving money in China. The new revolution of reducing material consumption and improving equipment management performance.

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