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Parallel Manipulator

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The parallel manipulator of Kenwei undergoes an independent body and bottom spray process to ensure a clean, beautiful surface and to ensure that the surface is wear resistant. It can be effectively used to dock the front check weigher and is equipped with professional metal detectors, X-ray detectors and other packaging line automation equipment, so it features strong versatility, wide application range, high precision and strong stability.

It can be provided with teaching services that can make it easy for users to debug. It supports teaching modes with linear, curved and spatial trajectory movements. The machine is also noted for its easy-to-learn programming, rich instruction sets and can meet a wide range of application requirements, and users can easily carry out secondary development. It is able to realize automatic and fast intelligent sorting operations, automatic palletizing and automatic sorting and comes with an optional vision application system that makes positioning more accurate and easier to grab.

The machine can support multi-station appointments. Its touch screen man-machine interface can guide users to operate conveniently and efficiently. The manipulator takes the form of multi-coordinate debugging, jog control and has a wide range of parameter settings and is provided with an automatic shutdown protection function for overload to ensure safe operation.

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