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by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
The lighter you pack, the faster you get to taxis, hotels and meetings through the airport.
If you are just starting a business trip, you will find it a challenge to pack light and stay professional.
The lighter you pack, the faster you get to taxis, hotels and meetings through the airport.
To pack light and fast travel, you can take the following steps: follow your way: put your suit on the plane and take it off as soon as you arrive at the hotel.
Good quality wrinkle removal effect is very good with good hot iron and one or two fabric fresheners, eliminating the lingering fear of the airline.
Interchanging clothing: you can reduce the packaging space by arranging some clothes that can be interchanged.
For example, you can match three different dress shirts with your favorite blue suit, giving you three different looks.
Women professionals can also use strategic accessories such as scarves and necklaces to achieve maximum results.
Travel Size Me: Go to your local pharmacy or retail store to buy some travel-
Size items for your trip.
This will help reduce your packaging space.
Set: roll your shirt, casual pants and skirt into a bundle.
They will be easier to put in your bag and provide more space for files, DVDs and other business resources.
It also helps to reduce wrinkles.
Group \"hot\" items: If you know that your wallet, tweezers, watch or necklace will detonate a metal detector, group the items into a carry-on item
At this point you can send it via xray machine.
Choose the right luggage: buy a bag with an external pocket large enough to accommodate certain items
Such as laptops, mobile phones, boarding passes and personal ID cards.
Smart packaging is a great way to save time and avoid unnecessary trouble.
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