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Live interview Kenwei about new weigher in ProPak 2018

Live interview Kenwei about new weigher in ProPak 2018


Kenwei -News About Live Interview Kenwei About New Weigher In Propak 2018

In Propak 2018 exhibition,as a pioneer of combination weigher, Kenwei has introduced new products with high speed and networking. In terms of high speed, there are 4th Generation multihead weigher such as 3 layers 8 heads, 16 heads and 24 heads, all of which are three-layer combination weigher with memory buckets, which can double the number of combinations in the same space, effectively improving the packaging speed.Taking 24 heads as an example, it can simultaneously produce independent combinations of 4 sections. The single material can reach 240 packs/min, and up to 4 materials can be weighed at the same time. The high-speed combination weigher is the key equipment of high-speed packaging line,can meet customer requirements of high speed and high precision;In terms of networking, the network interface is added on the motherboard, which can be directly connected with computer. The user can directly control the combination weigher in the system of ERP, MES, etc., and realize the working order directly reach to the combination weigher.It is an exemplary role for the installation of the whole line of the packaging industry 4.0.

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Models in the field of expansion, there is second-class dual-channel 8-track electronic counting machine for the pharmaceutical industry; there is 2nd Generation aluminum foil metal detector GL2415 for pickled products vacuum packaging and cooked food industry; Also there is high-speed parallel manipulators for front and rear packaging, which can coordinate with the high-speed and accurate arrangement from disorder to order before packaging, further strengthening the packaging production line from labor-intensive industries to advanced technology changes, contributing to the development of the packaging industry.

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“In the past two years, the growth rate of the fast-moving consumer goods industry has slowed down, the food and beverage manufacturers are facing severe pressures. Kenwei products effectively improve efficiency and significantly reduce material and labor costs avoiding the impact of material and labor cost growth to enterprises, which meeting the needs of related enterprises.In 2017, Kenwei not only successfully survived the test of various unfavorable factors, but also achieved substantial growth in performance.In 2018, Kenwei insisted on developing new products with better performance, better functions and superior quality.Facing a variety of severe market conditions by serving old customers with good service and developing new markets with high quality products and service.”Yin Yunbing, general manager of Kenwei said in an interview during ProPak China 2018:”As Chinese food and beverage packaging industry follows the pace of Industry 4.0 and enters its own development process,in future packaging market will also develop towards a more intelligent direction.Such as high-speed networked combination weigher, robots, visual processing applications, flexible packaging flexible production lines, etc., will be more and more integrated into packaging production.Looking forward to the future, we will listen more carefully to our customers, and work harder in the market, price positioning, quality improvement, and quick service, and actively listen to users' valuable suggestions,only in this way can we be more professional and continuously improve customer satisfaction.I believe that only cooperation based on true trust can be long-term. I hope that through this cooperation, we will become a true strategic partner with our customers. We will achieve mutual benefit and achieve win-win cooperation in sincere cooperation!”

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