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Perspective in the development of China multihead weigher of economic integration in the world

Perspective in the development of China multihead weigher of economic integration in the world


Kenwei -Bottling Machine-perspective In The Development Of China Multihead Weigher

The world economic integration is the trend of economic development in this century, it makes the interdependence between countries and gradually enhanced. Between countries of the industrial structure must be coordinated with the international economic, otherwise difficult to push the country's industrial structure to modernization.  

The Chinese weighing industry has a long history of the development of traditional industries and important basic industries. Over the years, are mainly mechanical weighing apparatus. In the 1980s, the use of electronic weighing apparatus and the development of large-scale automatic weighing apparatus were expanded. However, compared with similar products abroad, the intelligence of electronic weighing apparatus has a certain gap. The low-tech content of products is an obstacle to China's entry into the international market and it is difficult for China to obtain international benefits.The low-tech content of products is an obstacle to China's entry into the international market and it is difficult for China to obtain international benefits. In today's world economic integration, China can no longer protect domestic industries with "high tariff" barriers. Only through international technology exchanges, international capital flows and talent flows can China equip weighing apparatus enterprises, so as to push products to modernization and international market. The process of modernization, but also by the social demand structure, consumption tendency, consumption structure and technological progress and restrict international trade. 

China from a planned economy into market economy but also bring social demand and the change of consumption tendency. For example, since the 1990s, China's economic circulation field sales form has changed, bulk, no packaging sales form has been gradually replaced by "pre-packaging", "pre-packaging" with its convenient, clean, time-saving, diverse and colorful packaging to win the favor of many consumers, with the growth of the market demand and the change of consumption trend, weight detection machine and other weighing machine as packaging online measurement of modern measurement means, more and more by the business community and measurement department attention. This automatic weighing apparatus with its high tech content and unique automatic feedback regulating functions, in food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, logistics distribution center and other industries widely used.

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When it comes to packaging, there is no lack of "automatic loading weighing device", which separates various bulk solid materials into independent loads according to the set values.However, with the increase in the variety of packaging, packaging speed and packaging accuracy, the single bucket weighing is no longer able to meet the needs of the market, so at the end of the 20th century, the emergence of a diversified, intelligent "automatic loading weighing device", R61 international suggested that it is called "combined scale".This weighing instrument uses multiple buckets (8-32 buckets) to weigh at the same time, and then uses computer to determine which combination of weighing buckets is closest to the set value. This kind of weighing instrument was imported from Japan before. Because of its high price, it hindered the wide application and popularization of computer combined weighing instrument. 

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD., has become the leader of China's combined scale industry. The booming sales of Kenwei Combination Scale in the world not only prove the development and growth of China in the field of Combination Scale, but also more importantly, the image of "professional quality and honest marketing" set up by Kenwei in the field of Combination Scale in the world, which eliminates the old or backward weighing and packaging methods of tens of thousands of food, hardware and plastics enterprises in China, and thus completely replaces them with the old or completely manual weighing and packaging methods. Quantitative weighing and packaging system of combination weighing scale with high technology and higher automation has undoubtedly advantages in quality and technology.


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