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Application and prospect of automation in packaging machinery

Application and prospect of automation in packaging machinery


Abstract: Mechanical automation, its connotation stems from the extensive application of advanced automation technology in the field of mechanical manufacturing, derived from the integration of automated production processes. After the extensive application of mechanical automation, China's processing and manufacturing have also achieved unmanned continuous production, and also achieved a leap in production efficiency brought by mechanical automation with automation and advanced manufacturing technology as the core. Firstly, a brief introduction to the automation of packaging machinery was carried out. Secondly, the status quo of China's packaging industry was analyzed. The problems of small scale, poor quality and short life of packaging industry and products in China were summarized. It was pointed out that the packaging industry should be networked. , intelligent and more environmentally friendly development direction. 

1 Introduction to Packaging Automation   

By definition, packaging automation is the process of controlling and managing the packaging through the application of automated installations, allowing it to automatically stop in accordance with pre-programmed procedures. In the process of social circulation, packaging can maintain, publicize, beautify and promote sales of products, and improve the market competitiveness of products. Packaging is the last step in a continuous, large-scale industrial process.   

In the current society, packaging automation has been fully applied in various industrial consumption and social establishment. It is most commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. For foods and medicines with various physical forms and different physical properties, various problems will be encountered in the inspection process, and the transmission and processing of test data requires the electronics industry and the packaging industry to work together. Combining food processing theory, pharmaceutical theory and packaging automation theory, and putting it into practice, can promote the development of the industry and create greater economic benefits. For the packaging of medical devices, our definition of automation is moving towards a more and more detailed and deeper direction. From a mechanical automation to the automation level of the workshop, from the automation of a part of the packaging process to the entire packaging process. Therefore, the design of the entire workshop and the design of the entire consumer line are inevitable trends. 

2 Development status and existing problems of packaging automation at home and abroad   

The article pointed out that at present, there are few leading enterprises in the food packaging industry in China, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, the level of automation in China is still at the stage of counterfeiting and testing, so our level of automation is still very low. There are also relatively few projects developed independently, and the absorption rate of high-level packaging technology abroad is also very slow. These conditions have led to a low level of automation of packaging machinery in China's food. In this case, we can learn the German factory model. The packaging industry in Germany is also dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, but the small and medium-sized mechanical packaging companies in Germany have high technical content and a very high level of manufacturing and processing.   

At the beginning of the founding of New China, China's packaging machinery field was almost blank. In the 1980s, with the reform and opening up, China's economy has recovered, and the market demand for packaging machinery has increased. With the support of relevant government policies, packaging machinery has been developed. But as of now, China's packaging machinery exports are less than 5% of the total output value. Import vacancies and total output value are close, which is still far from the developed countries. This is due to the small size and relatively low quality of our small and medium-sized packaging machinery companies

3 Development trend of packaging machinery automation   

Packaging technology and equipment will move toward lower cost and more resource-saving. High automation, intelligence, versatility, low energy consumption and high efficiency are the trends in the development of packaging equipment. This has put more pressure on the R&D unit of packaging machinery, and it is necessary to develop equipment that conforms to the trend of society. Only the latest, most efficient, most energy-efficient and cost-effective equipment can capture the largest market share.   

For the control system of the packaging equipment, the corresponding upgrade is also required. Including control, transmission, and motion control, as well as machine vision and human and interface technologies are increasingly automated and increasingly mature. 

4 Development status and development strategy of packaging machinery and mechanical and electrical products packaging 

4.1 History of Packaging Machinery and Mechanical Product Packaging in China   

China has independently developed the packaging industry since the end of the 20th century, but the entire packaging is not an independent industrial system, scattered in many industrial sectors. Therefore, as an important part of the packaging industry, packaging machinery belongs to different manufacturing industries. In 1978, China began to reform and open up, the national economy continued to develop, and the living standards of urban and rural people in China continued to improve. Therefore, the requirements for the packaging of products are getting higher and higher, which promotes the development of packaging machinery in China. In 1980, China established the China Packaging Technology Association, which is the driving force for the development of China's packaging industry. In October 1984, the state compiled the “seventh five-year” industry development plan, in which packaging machinery was included in the national medium- and long-term development plan for the first time. In March 1986, China carried out overall planning, organization, coordination and supervision services for packaging machinery and machinery product packaging. In May 1995, China established the Machinery Industry Branch of China Packaging Technology Association. This branch mainly undertakes the organization and behavior of packaging machinery and mechanical product packaging. From May 1998 to October 2000, China Packaging Federation Machinery Industry Branch independently undertakes the industry work of packaging machinery and machinery product packaging 

4.2 Development Status of Packaging Machinery and Mechanical Product Packaging in China  

The status quo of China's packaging machinery and machinery product packaging mainly has the following five signs: First, China's modern packaging machinery and equipment are in good condition, high technical level, modern management, and independent research and development capabilities, domestic fully automatic precision weighing in Guangdong Kenwei combination scale is representative, vertical packaging machine is typical of Shanghai Soonture, Beijing Maiwei and horizontal packaging machine. Second, packaging machinery has formed a large number of heavy products that can meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, especially the level of packaging machinery complete sets of products has been greatly improved. Third, China's packaging machinery enterprises have independently developed some new products. These new products have filled the gaps at home and abroad and reached the world's advanced level. Fourth, packaging machinery is led by China Packaging Machinery Research Institute. Based on the strength of various packaging machinery enterprises, there is a certain level of scientific and technological team, which is active in the front line of science and technology. Fifth, with the reform of China's state organs, a new industry mechanism with the national packaging industry association as the core and constantly adapting to the requirements of the market economy has been formed. 

5 Conclusion        

At present, the level of China's packaging industry is still not very high, and can not fully meet the needs of our society. Therefore, in the automation of packaging machinery, we still need to focus on development, promote the advancement of packaging technology, the renewal of packaging equipment, and the innovation of packaging materials. For the quality of the employees in the packaging machinery industry, we must further improve, pay attention to the introduction of foreign advanced talents and technology, increase investment, and make China's packaging industry get better development.

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