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Only cuisine cannot be let down at Christmas

Only cuisine cannot be let down at Christmas


People across the globe will celebrate the last festival of the year 2021, Christmas, and step into a new year. Every year on December 25th, people all over the world listen to carols, enjoy delectable goodies, and exchange gifts. 

Christmas is all about what you're eating and drinking – from what's actually on the table come lunchtime on the Big Day to all those delicious chocolates, treats, and desserts you get to enjoy in the festive lead-up or during your Boxing Day comedown. Anyone who's been to a supermarket lately will have not failed to miss the masses of chocolate boxes and tins stacked high down the aisles ahead of the Christmas rush. 

packaging equipment


Do you know how these already packaged candies in the supermarket are quantitatively weighed and packaged? Then you need professional weighing and packaging equipment. Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional manufacturer of intelligent weighing and packaging equipment in China, can quickly and accurately quantitatively weigh candies and chocolates through weighing and packaging equipment such as combination weigher. If you need to pack candy and chocolate in a bag, you can pack them with a packaging machine. There are various bag types such as three-side sealing bag, four-side sealing bag, flat bag, back-sealing bag, and so on. If you want to fill candies and chocolates in boxes, we can design a filling line solution for you. In addition, if you are worried that the weight of each bag or box of candy and chocolate is too different without wasting manpower to check whether it meets the set weight one by one, Kenwei will advise customers to add one more high-precision sorting weigher (check weigher)based on this situation. It is used to detect whether the weight of a single product is consistent with the set target, and the substandard products are automatically rejected by the sorting device. 

professional weighing equipment

In addition to seeing a lot of chocolate and candies in Christmas supermarkets, there is also a lot of Christmas turkey, smoked ham, Christmas salmon, Christmas pudding, these foods are obtained through processing. The most common foreign material within food processing is metal. This contamination can cause damage to further processing equipment but more importantly, is a safety hazard for consumers. Metal contamination that makes it into the food supply can cause untold brand and reputation damage to the supplier. 

Multihead weigher

The metal detector's built-in high-sensitivity sensor of the detector can effectively shield the signal of the aluminum film packaging product and accurately determine the magnetic metal foreign matter in the package. A colorful touch screen is convenient for communication between man and computer. High detecting sensitivity and stability. Multiple rejecting devices to choose, avoiding situations that metal leaving in the product when producing. The metal detector solves the potential safety hazards of food metal to the greatest extent for consumers. 

metal detector

This year, perhaps more than ever before given the challenges we've all faced, we've all got a reason to treat ourselves with something delicious or a little bit indulgent this Christmas. May the Christmas season end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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