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Development status of foreign packaging machinery

Development status of foreign packaging machinery


At present, the international packaging machinery market is highly competitive, and the overall trend of packaging machinery development tends to be “three highs” – high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The development focus tends to be low energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small footprint, high efficiency, adaptability to the environment and the psychological needs of operators, and environmental protection needs. The development trend of foreign packaging machinery reflects the high-tech of modern advanced packaging machinery, especially the packaging machinery and equipment produced by countries such as Europe, America and Japan with advanced technology and economy. Its technology has been in the international leading position along with the development of technology and commodity economy.In recent years, developed countries have developed multi-variety and small-volume general packaging technologies and equipment to meet the diversified needs of modern commodity packaging. At the same time, it keeps pace with the development of high technology, continuously applies advanced technology, develops and develops modern high-tech special-purpose packaging machinery. The new technologies applied include: aerospace industry technology (heat pipe), microelectronics technology, magnetic technology, information processing technology, sensing technology (photovoltaic and chemical), laser technology, biotechnology and new processing technology, new mechanical components. Structures (such as cone-type synchronous toothed belt drives), new fiber materials, etc., make a variety of packaging machinery tend to be intelligent. New alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and other new materials have also been promoted and applied. The integration, intelligence, networking and flexibility of food packaging machinery will become the mainstream of future development. 

1.Development status of American packaging machinery    

The technology of forming, filling and sealing three kinds of mechanical equipment in the United States is very fast. The main users of the US packaging machinery industry can be roughly divided into the food industry and the non-food industry. The food industry includes vegetables and fruits, meat, dairy products, bread, cakes, etc.; the non-food industry includes beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cigarettes, etc. Until the first half of the 1980s. Food and non-food accounts for roughly half of each. In recent years, the proportion of non-food industry use has increased. Especially in the beverage, electrical products, chemicals, computer market, the growth is most significant. In the aspect of food packaging, new technologies such as microwave and aseptic packaging can also be seen.    

The American packaging industry has gradually established and formed a complete and independent industrial system including packaging materials, packaging technology and packaging machinery. Its automatic operation procedures have been applied to more advanced packaging systems, representing the trend of advanced packaging systems. Packaging machinery in the United States has widely used new technology and packaging automation procedures. All enterprises in the United States are committed to seeking favorable packaging with characteristics for the global market in terms of packaging materials, equipment, sales, etc., and are entering a new packaging world of mechatronics, laser scanning, radio frequency emission, nanotechnology and system simplification. In the future, the United States will apply more and more new technologies such as microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, intelligent, image sensor technology and new materials to packaging machinery, making packaging machinery tend to be automated, efficient and energy-saving. 

2.Development status of German packaging machinery   

German packaging machinery plays a very important role in the world. About one-fifth of the world's total output value, Germany's packaging machinery industry exports accounted for about 30% of the world's total. German packaging machinery is a leader in measurement, manufacturing and technical performance. The development trend is as follows: First, to greatly improve the automation of the process; second, adapt to the design of flexible and flexible equipment; third, the general use of computer simulation design technology. The beer and beverage packaging equipment produced in Germany has a fast production speed, high automation and good reliability. Mainly reflected in: automation of process and high production efficiency. Meeting the requirements of short lead times and reduced process costs, the equipment is more flexible and flexible. Mainly reflected in the flexibility of production, the flexibility of construction and the flexibility of supply to meet the needs of product replacement. The complete set of equipment is provided by computer and simulation technology with low failure rate. Remote diagnostic services are available. Less pollution to the environment. It mainly includes pollution of noise, dust and waste.    

German packaging machinery design is based on market research and market analysis, and strives to serve customers, especially large enterprises. Provide complete sets of equipment on the premise of user demand, provide structural and economical complete system solutions for production enterprises, and use computer anti-real technology demonstration operations to users, and modify them after obtaining user opinions. When providing users with automatic production lines or production flow equipment, pay special attention to the integrity of the complete equipment. Whether it is high-tech, high value-added equipment, or simpler equipment, it is provided according to the matching requirements. German packaging machinery manufacturers will also provide complete sets of equipment as their goal. Strive that all equipment can be completed in one factory.    

As the speed of new product development continues to accelerate. German packaging machinery design generally uses computer simulation technology, which stores various machine elements into the computer in the form of a database, digitizes the pattern and inputs it into the computer, and forms a three-dimensional model to operate according to the real working conditions, which can reflect the productivity achieved. How much waste is there. Whether the production line can match production. The customer can see the curve according to the display at a glance. The model can be modified according to the customer's opinion until the customer or designer is satisfied. 

3.Development status of Italy packaging machinery    

Italy is characterized by excellent performance, sophisticated appearance and low price. Italy is the world's fourth largest packaging machinery producer and the second largest packaging machinery exporter. Its packaging equipment is mostly used in the food industry, such as candy packaging machines, tea packaging machines, filling machines and so on. 4. Packaging machinery in the Italian beverage and food industry accounts for about 40% of packaging machinery. This is because the Italian beverage industry has become the industry of greatest interest to equipment manufacturers. Italian packaging machinery has the characteristics of excellent performance, elegant appearance and low price, and the export proportion accounts for about 80%. The United States is its main export market. The main advantage of the Italian packaging machinery industry is that it can be designed and produced according to the requirements of users, and can ensure the design, production and testing are well completed. Implement supervision, inspection, assembly, adjustment, and user needs analysis.    

Since the 1990s. Italy’s exports of packaging machinery to China have grown rapidly. In 2010, China’s export rankings, China has jumped to second place. Nowadays. Italian packaging machinery is unique in the world. In Europe, Italy accounts for 25% of the entire European packaging machinery sales market and is the second largest packaging machinery seller after Germany. In the United States, Italy accounts for 19% of the market share. In Oceania and Africa, Italy is a major supplier. It is also a major supplier to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India and Turkey.    

In recent years, the Italian packaging industry has developed rapidly. The output value and export value have been growing year by year, ranking first in the world. The one-step production equipment for PET bottles produced by Sipa of Italy is well-known in the world. The Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola bottled water plants in the United States use the equipment of Sipa. The low-dose granule packing machine produced by Ilapak Company of Italy adopts mechanical drum type metering, continuous sealing and cutting. One machine with multiple stations. The control system uses a microcomputer and a programmable controller. The bag making machine made in Italy has an inflator installed on the outside of the former for the filling-sealing machine. Inflate into the package. To extend the shelf life of the packaged food. 

The characteristics of Italian packaging machinery production are:    

(1)Customer customization. Italian manufacturers are usually not large group companies. Packaging machinery manufacturers are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, usually family businesses. Therefore, Italian packaging manufacturers enjoy the reputation of mastering original customer data. Italian machinery has a solid foundation of traditional technology, coupled with the ability to find customer packaging solutions that adapt to both global market needs and local market needs to meet the needs of different customers;    

(2)Flexibility. Italian packaging machinery has a very flexible production system, combined with a large number of technological innovations to make the machine more flexible, reliable and technologically advanced. Studies have shown that buyers of packaging machinery require suppliers to provide immediate and "flexible" services. In terms of flexibility, Italian packaging machinery manufacturers have received high marks. Many buyers believe that Italian packaging machinery is highly adaptable;    

(3)Advanced technology. Buyers around the world recognize the technical leadership of Italian packaging machinery manufacturers in a number of important areas. The company focuses on planning, testing, quality control and customer analysis;    

(4)Specialization. Many buyers of packaging machinery tend to be Italian suppliers because they have strong strength and expertise in the professional field. As far as pharmaceutical packaging machinery is concerned. Italy is also one of the main machinery producing areas. Italian packaging machinery accounts for about 27% of total sales. The Italian packaging machinery manufacturer is one of the first manufacturers to implement the MFP, which saves both expensive space and reduces the need for expensive labor. After years of development in Italy's packaging machinery industry, whether the economy is in good or unfavorable conditions. Its packaging machinery has achieved great success in the world. The most fundamental reason for their success is that they have always followed a philosophy of “based on the local. Looking at the world”. 

4.Development status of Japan packaging machinery    

Japan since the 1960s. Demand for packaging machinery has soared and production has grown rapidly. At present, it has occupied the leading position in the world packaging machinery industry. Packaging machinery sales ranked second in the world, second only to the United States. Japan divides packaging machinery into three categories, namely small and inner packaging, outer packaging and packaging machinery, and supporting machines (such as feeders). Japan's food packaging machinery, although small and medium-sized single machine. However, the device is small in size, high in precision, easy to install, convenient to operate, and high in automation.    

Japanese packaging machinery is mainly to seize two core technologies. First, computer technology entered the field of packaging machinery, and second, the development of servo motor driven packaging machinery. Successfully developed a microcomputer-controlled horizontal forming filling and sealing machine, and realized practical use. As a trigger, various packaging machines began to load microcomputers in just a short time. after that. In addition, the heat sealing machine equipped with a heat pipe was successfully developed and put into practical use. This equipment was provided to many packaging machinery manufacturers, which realized the low energyization, quality and performance improvement of the heat sealing machine equipment. Japan developed servo motor drive packaging machinery. The packaging machinery industry has achieved a rapid increase in the softness and systematization of performance, which has enabled Japanese packaging machinery to win a wide sales space in the world market with its uniqueness.    

With the sound of Japanese social law. It is required that the packaging equipment should also meet the standard, and there is a special testing center to test the safety and hygiene standards before the mechanical equipment comes out. After the mechanical equipment comes out. Standard testing of manufactured products. In this situation. The Japanese packaging machinery industry is also actively promoting the safety, sanitation and energy saving of packaging machinery.    

Food packaging is the main application area of packaging machinery in Japan. The output value of food packaging machinery has always accounted for more than half of the total output value of packaging machinery. There are currently more than 400 packaging machinery manufacturers in Japan, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. Although Japan is one of the world's major packaging machinery producers, it is comparable to Europe's packaging machinery countries such as Germany and Italy. Japan’s packaging machinery exports and its share of production are not large. 

5.Development status of China packaging machinery    

Since the 1980s, with the prosperity of China's commodity economy and the improvement of the people's livelihood, the prospects of packaging machinery packaging technology are very optimistic. At present, China is mainly used for food packaging. In recent years, the state has increased the supervision of the quality and safety of food and medicine, and has put forward new requirements for the production, processing and packaging technology of food.     

Although the level of packaging machinery packaging technology in China has improved, China's packaging machinery packaging technology is obviously in a weak position in competition compared with developed gardens. About 30% of China's packaging machinery industry has a low level of repeated construction. It is mainly based on a single machine, with low technology content and low degree of automation. It is less used in new technologies, new processes and new materials, and cannot meet the requirements of the current development of food enterprises in China. 

Problems facing the packaging and food machinery industry 

1.R&D funding is low and technical strength is weak. National R&D expenditures only account for 0.2%-0.3% of the company's sales revenue, and R&D personnel account for 3.3%-4% of the employees. Some enterprises mainly copy and imitate similar products at home and abroad. They do not have their own research and development strength, and their research investment is small. Low price competition.

2. Low level of repetition is too much, product technology content is low, manufacturing process is simple, processing equipment accuracy requirements are not high, most enterprises rely on this product to start, some enterprises rely on low-level products to accumulate funds and experience, close to medium and high-end products, some enterprises Stagnant, small rich can.3. The industry has insufficient scientific and technological strength. The industry is not big. Although there are more than 130 professional and research institutes in universities and colleges, it should be said that the strength is not weak. However, the current situation is that the institute is busy creating income-saving bowls, some are in the same factory, only busy in production and sales, some want to do research and no funds, some have technology but can not find intermediate experimental users, production companies do not I am willing to pay for the risks, so that the production, learning, and research are out of touch, and the technical power that is not strong has not played its due role. Relatively speaking, the combination of production, study and research in Guangdong Province is at the forefront. Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has always had the tradition of cooperation with scientific research institutions. In 2011, the company obtained Guangdong with a combination of “multiple materials and mixed materials”. The “Production, Learning, and Research” science and technology project combination award issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the province has a great influence in the field of combination scales. Through the combination of production, study and research of “Mixing multiple materials”, Kenwei has a high market share in the field of compounding.

Countermeasures and measures for scientific and technological progress in the packaging and food machinery industry 

1.Combine the characteristics of regional layout to promote overall coordinated development

2. Actively develop large enterprise groups

3. Actively introduce technology and enhance self-development capabilities

4. Boldly use foreign capital to accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation

5. Establish test centers to strengthen basic and applied research

6. Strengthen quality cooperation to ensure product quality

7. Increase intellectual investment and accelerate the construction of scientific and technological teams     

In short, China's food and packaging machinery industry faces challenges and opportunities, competition and development coexist, adhere to independent innovation, through the industry's scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, will certainly be able to achieve a leap of food and packaging machinery to a powerful country.        

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