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Kenwei invites you to participate in Pack Peru Expo from May 23 to May 26, 2018, in Lima, Peru. Kenwei is at Booth U398.


Kenwei -Pack Peru Expo, Lima, Peru from May 23 to May 26, 2018 Peruvian exhibition booth U398 Profes

Host time: May 23-26, 2018

Venue: Costa Verde exhibition center  

Kenwei  booth: U398

welcome to visit our booth sincerely


The exhibition to introduce

One of the important exhibitions of packaging industry in South Africa and Latin America.

Peru packaging exhibition Pack Peru Expo in 2018 in Lima on May 23 to 26, Costa Verde exhibition center, the next two years, the exhibition in 2018, the exhibition hall with the same period 2018 Peru international plastic show host, two big mergers, makes every effort to make Peru famous exhibitions. The exhibition has been held in Peru for 18 years and has been held in Peru for more than 11 exhibitions. At the same time, the exhibition has been co-operated by the national association of industrial societies plastic branch and Peru international department. Exhibition will display the most advanced technology and equipment, packaging industry exhibitors will see in the market trend, find new products and equipment, in order to attend the lecture related to the exhibition series, BBS, etc.

At present, the exhibition has been regarded as one of the important exhibitions in South Africa and Latin America packaging industry. The four-day exhibition in 2017 attracted about 150 companies from around the world and from around the country, with a total of 30,000 visitors to the two exhibitions. Is this exhibition the exhibitors involved in Peru packaging industry and related industry the only way, the purpose of exhibition is all related to the packaging industry enterprises, such as the production of packaging equipment, raw materials, containers, detection control system, companies such as gathered in one place, in face-to-face communication, for Peru local and international enterprises to provide better business opportunities.


Market analysis

Peru, a country of western South America, neighboring Ecuador and Colombia, bordering Brazil and Bolivia, south to Chile, and west to the Pacific. It is a member of the South American league of nations and one of the non-permanent members of the UN security council. Peru boasts rich mineral resources, convenient transportation and political stability. It is an ideal place for enterprises to travel to the country in recent years. Peru's economy has developed rapidly in recent years, the world bank (BM) in the new region prospects report 2018, thanks to Peru's national macroeconomic regulation and control and good international environment, consensus forecasts, according to Peru's economic growth rate in 2017 was 2.7%, 3.5% in 2018. Peru is at the top of Latin America's economic growth rankings. Peru is one of China's important trading partners and major investors in Latin America. The economic and trade relations between the two countries have developed rapidly.

According to the Peruvian customs statistics, between January and October of 2017, the import and export of china-peru bilateral goods was $16.36 billion. Among them, Peru exports $9.0 billion to China, accounting for 26.3% of Peru's total exports. Peru imports $7.26 billion from China, accounting for 22.1% of Peru's total imports. By October, China was Peru's largest export market and the largest source of imports. With the rapid development of economic and trade relations between the two countries, more and more Chinese enterprises have begun to focus on Peru, which has become the best economic development in Latin America in the past 10 years.


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