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Innovation driven production: kenwei is committed to be the pioneer of intelligent packaging

Innovation driven production: kenwei is committed to be the pioneer of intelligent packaging


As industrial automation becomes increasingly popular in manufacturing applications, multihead weigher has become more widely used due to its high accuracy, fast speed, stable, and reliable performance. Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional multihead weigher manufacturer, we are committed to the design and manufacturing of the best automatic weighing and packaging systems to meet a variety of customization requirements. Through years of development, Kenwei has built a professional and experienced design research & development team, and is capable of customizing completely automatic weighing and packaging production lines, in all steps, including research and design, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning, technical training and after sales service.Through our continuous expansion on the international market, Kenwei has built strong partnerships with clients more than 100 countries and regions. We are bringing our products and service all around the world, and we are becoming a trusted, innovative and respected global enterprise.

Under the current "Internet +" "Industry 4.0" and other technologies such as speed development and quality improvement, transformation and upgrading of the new economic background, Kenwei as a pioneer of combination scales, launched new products in high speed and network, high speed aspects There are four generations of 3 layers, 8 heads, 16 heads and 24 head combination scales, all of which are three-layer combination scales with memory buckets, which can double the number of combinations in the same space, effectively improving the packaging speed, with 24 heads. For example, an independent combination of 4 zones can be generated at the same time. A single material can reach 240 p/min, and up to 4 materials can be weighed at the same time. The high-speed combination scale is the key equipment of the high-speed weighing packaging line, and can simultaneously satisfy the customer's high Speed and high precision requirements .

In the field of expansion, the 8-track electronic counting machine for the pharmaceutical industry; the second-generation metal detector for aluminum foil machine GL2415 for the vacuum packaging of pickled products and cooked food industry; the front and rear packaging In terms of materials, there is a high-speed parallel manipulator D1100, which can coordinate with the high-speed and accurate arrangement from disorder to order before packaging, further strengthening the packaging production line from labor-intensive industries to advanced technology changes, contributing to the development of the packaging industry.

In the era of intelligence, Kenwei has realized intelligent workshop, intelligent warehousing, intelligent quality control and traceability management, which greatly reduces production costs and improves production efficiency. Market 4P (product, price, distribution, promotion), price It is the most important thing. Price reduction is a weapon to seize the market. Kenwei has the advantage of technology, giving similar manufacturers the same or higher quality to customers but more competitive prices, creating more value for customers.

In the future, Kenwei will further expand its product research and development scope, and will be more involved in the pharmaceutical industry chain, various food metal and non-metal detection fields, various automated production line auxiliary conveying equipment, 3D and visual applications, and the rear-end robot automatic palletizing stack. , gradually realize the comprehensive coverage of equipment supply in the field of packaging machinery. Intelligent production has given Kenwei a strong vitality, allowing Kenwei to give customers a breakthrough in quality and value, and to establish a stable position for the industry leaders.

Being a respectable and innovative global Intelligent packaging production and custom enterprise has always been the persistent pursuit of Kenwei.

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