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Guangdong Kenwei cooperated with CCTV to promote the brand to a new level

Guangdong Kenwei cooperated with CCTV to promote the brand to a new level


Kenwei -Guangdong Kenwei Cooperated With Cctv To Promote The Brand To A New Level

CCTV is the most influential and high-end public media in China. It is the commanding point that many enterprises want to occupy. Brands that have entered into a cooperative relationship with CCTV not only have excellent corporate image, but also have excellent product quality. This time, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd., Ltd. successfully landed on CCTV through layer-by-layer auditing. It is an all-round display of the comprehensive strength of Guangdong Kenwei Enterprises and the recognition of Guangdong Kenwei Brand from all walks of life. It will surely promote Guangdong Kenwei Brand to a new level.   

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale and influential multi-head combination scale manufacturer in the world. Since its inception, Guangdong Kenwei has been adhering to the concepts of "stability is the key to save" and "professional manufacturing, excellent quality, integrity management". After more than ten years of technical precipitation, aiming at a variety of different types of materials, relying on advanced research and development testing equipment, a variety of fully automated high-end pipeline equipment, it has developed and manufactured 20 specially. A variety of tailored series of scale models are widely used in many fields.The whole series of Kenwei products has been certified by CE. In addition to the project award of the combination of industry, education and research in the field of technological innovation, it has won the packaging technology innovation award and the food industry technology innovation award awarded by the trade associations and authoritative media many times. Its stable product performance and accurate weighing accuracy have won wide praise from customers at home and abroad, and its products are exported to 100 countries and regions around the world.

Kenwei -Guangdong Kenwei Cooperated With Cctv To Promote The Brand To A New Level-1

In the face of global economic integration, Guangdong Kenwei not only concentrating on manufacturing quality products, but also committed to building a sound customer service system. Adhering to the principle of customer first and mutual benefit, Guangdong Kenwei provides sincere service from pre-sale, mid-sale to post-sale, enhances the life of product quality assurance, equips professional and technical personnel to solve problems for customers, meet customer needs, and enhance customer competitiveness and profitability. Work with customers, share the benefits of the CIRC chain, and create win-win situation.   

Guangdong Kenwei has more than ten years of technical team, with more than 30% of professional and technical personnel of high-quality team and rich industry personalized demand experience. According to the needs of the market, we will continue to improve our products and innovate to create a more stable and efficient automatic packaging system, which will shine in various famous large-scale packaging machinery exhibitions at home and abroad. Advanced high-efficiency intelligent packaging and weighing machinery and equipment are watched by many people and have a certain influence in the field of industry.

Guangdong Kenwei gradually improved its technological level and product quality, narrowing its gap with foreign enterprises, and occupied a large competitive advantage in product cost performance. It occupied a certain share in the global intelligent scale market. By virtue of its excellent quality and good reputation, it helps and promotes the development of the intelligent combination scale industry. Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has now become the representative of China's combined scale industry. 

Through the launch of this CCTV advertising, the development of China's intelligent combination industry has been refreshed, which has greatly enhanced the popularity and reputation of Guangdong Kenwei brand. In the face of the increasingly intelligent and competitive packaging machinery industry, Guangdong Kenwei will always uphold the mission of "Quality makes classic,intelligence leads future", and join hands with the vast number of users to enter the new brilliance.


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