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Kenwei II Series Multihead Weigher Refresh the New Height of Intelligent Weighing Industry

Kenwei II Series Multihead Weigher Refresh the New Height of Intelligent Weighing Industry


In the era of global economic integration, as an important part of packaging machinery industry, intelligent weighing products are developing rapidly, and the degree of automation and intelligence is getting higher and higher. Many intelligent weighing products enterprises continue to seek innovation in technology, strive to break through in the market development, and steadily enhance their strength, with a view to improving the comprehensive competitive strength in the global market. 

As a globalized professional automatic quantitative combination weighing equipment enterprise, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd., Ltd. relies on more than ten years of professional technology accumulation, constantly innovating in the market, devotes itself to the solution of the integrated scheme of automatic packaging. The main products include combination scales, multihead weigher, linear scales, check weigher, metal detection machines, counting machines, parallel manipulator, packaging machines, packaging auxiliary equipment, etc., which are widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, hardware, daily use and so on. The business objective of product quality, integrity management and mutual benefit has won the cooperation and trust of more than 100 countries and regions in the world.   

In 2019, in order to meet the needs of the ever-changing and higher requirements of the intelligent weighing industry market, Guangdong Kenwei, with years of research and development technology strength and sensitive market antenna, has carried out research and development from the aspects of weighing accuracy, speed and product structure, and launched a strong II series of intelligent weighing recombination weighing scale, which covers micro-scale. Twelve types of machines, such as standard type and enlarged type, are suitable for quantitative weighing of various materials and are widely used. Guangdong Kenwei II Series Intelligent weighing scale, once listed, has won the unanimous recognition of the vast number of customers, is the market's greatest praise for Guangdong Kenwei's exquisite technical strength and excellent product quality!

Kenwei -Kenwei Ii Series Multihead Weigher Refresh The New Height Of Intelligent

The key of intelligent weighing and recombination weighing system is the accuracy of weighing. For the production enterprises applying the combined weighing scale, the higher the accuracy of the quantitative weighing of the combined weighing scale is, the more effective it can reduce the material loss and bring more economic benefits to the enterprises. Guangdong Kenwei uses the "stable is the key to save" which represents the top level of the combined scale. It avoids the interference factors of the reading weight value caused by the inconsistent vibration time and vibration torque of each vibrator and hopper, and ensures that the combined scale is stable for a long time. Fixed operation and material saving to the greatest extent. 

Series II intelligent multihead weigher is strictly controlled from component selection, structural design to integral shaping, and strives to make it a product with high cost performance and strong competitiveness. Series II intelligent weighing and recombination weighing scale adopts special high-precision and high-speed sensors to ensure that the actual accuracy of material weighing display is controlled in two digits after decimal points; the thickness of stainless steel box is 2.0 mm, the whole machine runs relatively reliable and has good stability; the whole welding production process is adopted in the case to ensure the steel quality of the whole box. Inter-weighing accuracy is higher.   

Compared with other multihead weigher of the same kind on the market, the application scope of the II series intelligent weighing and recombination weighing scale is wider. It is not only suitable for leisure food such as Chinese herbal medicine slices, tea, coffee beans, chocolate beans, raisins, but also suitable for particulate materials such as hardware, plastic rubber particles, and also suitable for vegetable salad and fruit. Salad, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, saints and other vegetables or fruits such as large target weight or large capacity quantitative weighing.

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The comprehensive strength of an enterprise depends on its own innovation ability and persistent pursuit of craftsman spirit. Over the past ten years, Kenwei has devoted itself to the research and development of industry technology and steadily upgraded its R&D and manufacturing level.The II series of multihead weighers is the embodiment of Guangdong Kenwei  pursuit of innovation and self-transcendence.Firstly, the outer appearance of the chassis is innovative large inclined plane design, which makes open-box inspection and maintenance more convenient, reduces maintenance difficulty and saves maintenance time. The characteristics of the large inclined plane design not only make the chassis not easy to accumulate ash, but also reduce the outer appearance area of the chassis as a whole, which brings more convenience for manual cleaning. Secondly, carbon fibre sheets made of high quality carbon fibre raw materials and excellent resin are more durable and durable. The coil 220V or 110V is optional, which is the same as the supply voltage. It reduces the heat loss of the transformer and enhances its reliability.For the core components such as linear vibrating disc and hopper, a high precision uniform die is used to make them completely interchangeable. In order to speed up production, different material distribution schemes are matched for different materials, including rotating and vibration.   

In terms of product quality, the artisan spirit of Guangdong Kenwei has been fully verified. Guangdong Kenwei has a perfect quality management system, which covers 16 inspection points such as incoming materials, inspection, QE, pre-aging, mid-aging and finished product inspection, as well as the quality system controlled by upper and lower processes, as well as high-level quality and R&D laboratories in the industry.Guangdong Kenwei dares to take the lead, implements a two-year warranty exclusively in the industry, refreshes the new standards of packaging machinery industry warranty, and provides users with more assurance of quality, which is based on high confidence in the quality of their products.   

Guangdong Kenwei has been adhering to the philosophy of "stability is the key to save" and "professional manufacturing, excellent quality, integrity management". It combines weighing packaging technology with advanced automated production system, continuously creates a more stable and efficient automated packaging system, constantly innovates, and "Quality makes classic,intelligence leads future". We will make unremitting efforts to promote the automation of production, save production costs and improve production efficiency.   


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