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how does industrial embroidery work?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
However, how does this embroidery design appear on a hat, jumper, or pocket?
At the beginning, there were design ideas, mainly in the form of company logos and slogans.
If the idea only exists on paper, the design must be digitized into computer-readable data.
This happened in e. g.
Read by using a scanner.
Then, if the topic is available as a file, it must be converted to a vector graphic.
In this case, a single pixel no longer determines the design, but rather the lines that separate the color fields.
One also identifies vector graphics by the fact that one is able to infinitely enlarge vector graphics without mass loss, because the dividing lines are always kept clear.
These vector graphics are loaded into the punch-in program.
The semantics of the word go back to the program before the computer embroidery program was created, in which the command is still stabbed by hand on a punch card made of hard paper.
The punching machine on the software decisively determines the quality of the finished stitching content.
Here are dozens of parameters, such as Stitch density, stitch direction, stitch distance, stitch pattern and the priority of the stitch to work correctly on patterns, embroidery machines and textiles to be embroidered.
Therefore, the hat needs to be different from the embroidery procedure of the leather jacket, even if it involves the same embroidery pattern.
There is no reason. Some companies specialize in embroidery patterns and only make embroidery patterns.
Then, if the embroidery program is ready, it can be transferred to the embroidery machine via a network, direct connection or floppy disk.
Again, there are different parameters in the embroidery machine that can improve the embroidery effect or make it worse.
The most important thing here is the online tension and embroidery speed.
Then it\'s just a routine to really turn the program into textile embroidery.
Embroidery Machine in principle is like a common household sewing machine, there are many parts, suchg.
Thread boot looks very similar.
The basic difference is the number of needles, which are automatically replaced from 6 to 18 needles, so colors can be used in one pattern.
The embroidery pieces can then be replaced quickly when the pattern is constructed, which makes the embroidery very interesting, especially for larger work orders.
The bigger embroidery machine is like this.
I\'m called Bull machine here. e.
Complete up to 24 embroidery at the same time.
This increases economic efficiency and makes the price of each commodity more attractive.
With the use of finished products, there are almost no restrictions.
Therefore, the work clothes are very pleasant to embroider.
In addition, clothes that require chlorine laundry, such as doctor\'s work clothes, can be permanently improved with special sewing cotton.
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