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Guangdong Kenwei - quality achievement precision new height

Guangdong Kenwei - quality achievement precision new height


  In the era of global economic integration, the development of the packaging machinery industry is changing with each passing day, and the degree of automation and intelligence is getting higher and higher. The industry is shifting from competition for economies of scale to upgrading of technology and innovation. As a global professional automatic quantitative weighing and weighing equipment enterprise, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been continuously developing new products in the market with more than ten years of professional technology accumulation, and is committed to the overall solution of automated packaging. The main products include: combination scales, multi-head scales, linear scales, weight sorting scales, metal detectors, counting machines, robots, packaging machines, packaging auxiliary equipment, etc., widely used in food, medicine, chemical, hardware, daily use, etc. .   

At present, Guangdong Kenwei Products has won the cooperation and trust of customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world by virtue of its quality, integrity and mutual benefit, as well as continuous economic benefits for its customers.   

Quality first, craftsmanship casting quality   

As a global manufacturer and custom manufacturer of combination scales, Guangdong Kenwei has been adhering to the development concept of “stable is saving” and “professional manufacturing, good quality and good faith management”, fully implementing the quality strategy and implementing the craftsman spirit to the products. In the whole process of production, with quality as the core, we will create high-quality products for customers and comprehensively enhance their sustainable competitiveness and profitability.   

Guangdong Kenwei has a complete quality management system, covering 16 inspection points such as incoming materials, inspection, QE, pre-aging and post-aging inspection, and the quality control system of the upper and lower process control. Has a high-level quality, research and development laboratory in the industry. The products are subjected to environmental simulation test, frequency, waterproof test, salt spray test, amplitude and elastic stress and strain test, functional simulation test, 7*24 hour uninterrupted aging test, etc., and the core components such as circuit board and display are passed through. Uninterrupted aging test at 50 degrees Celsius for more than 72 hours to ensure product quality. At the same time, we will develop a rigorous new product development process, promote the overall mold, internal and external process guidelines, and improve quality consistency and stability. Advance the ERP management system specification: production management system such as spare parts procurement, consistency of production process, quality control of production process, etc., comprehensively improve the quality and ensure the long-term stability of the whole machine.   

For each product shipped from the factory, Guangdong Kenwei must carry out rigorous testing to ensure product quality; at the same time, after a number of perfect experimental testing procedures, not to miss any small product defects; in the production process to create meticulous work quality, Create high quality quality control for all. To ensure the overall improvement of product quality, to provide quality products for more customers.   

Guangdong Kenwei's products have passed the EU CE certification, China measurement PA / MC certification, OIML international measurement certification and SGS enterprise qualification certification, and its combination scale and packaging automation equipment is providing quality services to customers in many countries and regions around the world. , continue to create more economic benefits for customers.   

Precision-oriented, new heights of innovative technology  

The comprehensive strength of a company's development depends on its own innovation ability and persistent pursuit of craftsmanship. Guangdong Kenwei has been developing industry technology for more than ten years, and has steadily improved its product research and development capabilities and product innovation capabilities. For the combination scale product, the most important thing is the accuracy of weighing. For the production enterprise that uses the combination scale, the higher the accuracy of the combined weighing scale, the more effectively the material loss can be reduced, bringing more economic benefits to the enterprise.   

Guangdong Kenwei has more than 50,000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings with an annual production capacity of more than 7,000 units. It has a high-quality team with rich industry experience and more than 30% professional and technical personnel. With comprehensive strength from the design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and commissioning, technical training to after-sales service, the comprehensive automatic quantitative weighing packaging system customization. At the same time, it cooperates with professional colleges to conduct research, industry and research, and continuously enhances scientific research strength. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been focusing on the manufacture and production of intelligent weighing packaging, counting machines, robots and other intelligent equipment for more than ten years. It has complete weighing packaging, weight, metal and foreign object detection, and robotic automatic palletizing industry chain. Maximum guarantee for all kinds of spare parts. At present, it has become a research and development and manufacturing base for multi-head combination scales, multi-head linear scales, weight sorting scales, metal detectors, conveying equipment and other products with wide influence and large production scale.   

In terms of core technology, Guangdong Kenwei adopts the “stable time fixed development mode” which represents the top level of the combination scale, and minimizes the collision of the vibrating mode and the vibration torque caused by the vibrating machine and the hopper. The swaying and other interference factors for reading the weight value ensure the long-term stable operation of the combination scale and maximize the material saving.   

In terms of product application, for different material materials, Guangdong Kenwei has developed more than 30 models that are tailor-made for different product materials. These include micro combination scales, several bag combination scales, noodle combination scales, frozen combination scales, green pepper combination scales, salad combination scales, hardware combination scales, fish combination scales, compound combination scales, pickles combination scales, linear scales, sorting Scales, metal detectors, coding machines, counting machines, robots, conveyor equipment and other products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, hardware, daily use and other fields, fully meeting the needs of customers at home and abroad.   

In terms of industry recognition, it has won the "Guangdong Province Industry-University-Research Technology Project Combination Award", "High-tech Enterprise" certification, China's food processing and packaging industry "Technology Innovation Award", international packaging industry media giant Ringier multi-head combination weighing technology innovation Awards, as well as a number of "utility model patent certificates" and many other honorary certificates.   

Customer first, caring service to create the future  

To continue to develop, enterprises must improve their comprehensive competitiveness, and they cannot do without the support and recognition of customers. In addition to providing customers with quality products, Guangdong Kenwei also provides customers with intimate and meticulous service, completely eliminating the worries of customers and bringing more peace of mind to customers.   

Guangdong Kenwei dares to be the first to implement a two-year warranty period in the industry, refreshing the new standard of packaging machinery industry warranty, and providing users with more assured quality assurance, which is based on the high confidence of their own product quality. According to statistics, the failure rate of Guangdong Kenwei's products within 1 year is less than 0.5%, and the failure rate within 2 years is less than 1%.   

With more than ten years of experience in service problem solving and accumulation of technology research and development, Guangdong Kenwei effectively circumvents the operation of the products when they first enter the market, how to shape the carbon fiber board and IC components, the vibration machine is weak and the frequency is irregular, and Various problems in external environment adaptation such as packaging machine connection, regional climate voltage frequency. At the same time, in order to better serve customers, Guangdong Kenwei has established a rapid service control mechanism: when customers encounter problems, 98.5% of the problems will be answered on the same day, and accessories will be sent within 3 days. Establish a sound service organization structure: set up test group, technical group, on-site service group and other departments, mainly provide customers with specific material debugging indicators and debugging rules, find out the materials and their degree that the products can adapt; Online points, including the installation and commissioning manuals and maintenance manuals for domestic and foreign customers. Intimate service customer initiatives: Free service training to help customers judge and solve machine problems. Service manuals, operating manuals, and installation and service commissioning videos are provided free of charge. Repair the main parts for the customer for free, only charge replacement parts. Service parts cost price is provided to help customers prepare and quickly solve problems and reduce service costs. Actively respond to customer needs, dispatch service engineers to debug and solve problems (only need to provide transportation and accommodation translation costs). Have a strong file management ability: build a detailed file of the body number and its part number, image, etc. for each product, and improve the ability of quick service. At the same time, the modular design of the product unit makes troubleshooting and component replacement easier.   Guangdong Kenwei has always adhered to the philosophy of “stable is the biggest savings” and “professional manufacturing, excellent quality, and integrity management”. It combines weighing packaging technology with advanced automated production systems to continuously create more stable and efficient Automated packaging system, continuous innovation, "quality classics lead the future." In the future, in order to meet the needs of the increasingly variable and higher demanding smart weighing industry market, Guangdong Kenwei will subdivide the market, develop more products for the unique individual needs of more customers, and promote the production automation of the industry. Production cost savings, production efficiency and unremitting efforts!

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