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future generation: vietnam\'s answer to tea processing technology.

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Next Generation CompanyLtd.
It is a private enterprise established in 1996.
The company is operated by former Russian-educated mechanical engineer Doan Anh Tuan.
After eight years of operation, FGC has become one of the leading tea production and export companies in Vietnam.
It exports millions of kilograms of tea to more than 30 markets around the world every year.
The company has two state-of-the-art teafactories in Vietnam and employs more than 300 workers.
\"The success of any business is caused by various factors,\" Tuan said . \"
\"However, we believe that continuous investment in processing technology and production cost management is a decisive factor in the success of our company.
Vietnam is the world\'s fifth-largest exporter of tea.
Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Vietnamese tea was subsidized and supported by the state.
\"We export all our exports to the United States. S. S. R,\" says Tuan. \"In the U. S. S.
Under the Indian tea mark, Vietnamese tea is mixed with Indian tea, so many customers do not know that Vietnam also produces tea.
When Vietnamese trade unions collapsed, Vietnamese tea had to look for export markets for itself.
This has brought us many challenges, but in the end Vietnam has overcome them through hard work.
Many Vietnamese tea companies have been identified, and many private companies have been established.
This is how the next generation of companies are established.
Before most Vietnamese tea factories were equipped with Georgian-made tea processing equipment (a former U. S. S. R country)
At the same time, the processing technology of black tea also originated in Georgia.
We are now reviewing the continuous processing stages and all production stages of the machine used from growth, harvest to processing production lines.
We only retain efficient old technologies and actively invest in modern technologies to improve the quality of our products.
\"The future generation of advanced technology is one of the companies in Vietnam\'s tea industry modernization and improvement trend.
\"We are a leading company that applies advanced technology to tea processing,\" said Tuan . \".
\"We invested in a natural gas --
Dryer from Italy, steam temperature reduction machine, Senvec color separator from Japan and tea bag packaging machine in double room;
For example, \"said Tuan.
\"These investments have proven to be very effective, particularly the Senvec color sorter.
Previously, we had about 200 workers hand-separating the straw from the tea leaves, which was both expensive and unsanitary, and the straw was not absolutely separated.
Now with the Senvec color separator we can replace these 200 workers.
At present, we have three separators in our refining center, and two more will be installed this year.
The investment set off a revolution in the tea processing sector in Vietnam.
At the end of the day, will Vietnamese tea be more competitive in the world market?
Tuan believes that in the future, the Vietnamese tea will be renewed worldwide.
\"I believe that the price of tea in Vietnam will be lower than that in India and Sri Lanka, because coal is the most common heat source in Vietnam, and Vietnam is the exporter of coal,\" he said . \".
Reasonable price quality is another factor in increasing the acceptability of Vietnamese tea in the global market.
\"Vietnamese green tea is known for its high quality and reasonable price,\" said Tuan . \".
\"We always knew --
How to produce high quality green tea, now we have applied new technology to process green tea, Vietnamese green tea has become a viable product.
About Black tea, the quality of traditional black tea has been greatly improved.
I think Vietnamese tea is competitive in quality with Sri Lankan tea in the short term, but the price is more attractive.
\"According to Tuan, the future of the future generation looks good.
\"We will continue to increase investment in new tea gardens, transform tea seedlings, build new factories in high-quality tea areas, and process more new grades of tea to meet the needs of various markets.
We are interested in selling our trademark products in the domestic market.
For foreign markets, we only provide packaging and imported materials to overseas factories.
In this way, we can play all our competitive advantages.
\"For more information about the next generation, please visit
Email: fgcvn712 @ hnvnn.
Vietnam or view www. vietnam-tea. com.
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