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New Functional Characteristics of Multihead weigher of Kenwei 2nd Generation and Above

New Functional Characteristics of Multihead weigher of Kenwei 2nd Generation and Above


Kenwei -Bottling Machine-new Functional Characteristics Of Multihead Weigher Of

A、The new and highly integrated modular design adopts CAN bus technology.  

Modular design: The weighing bucket is an independent control unit, including AD conversion, vibrator driving, motor driving and photoelectric detection function,the function of main board is Shared, divided  and the computing power of the combined calculation is improved,  Just like the big pot tradition of the old society, it has become a new society with more orderly division of labor and higher efficiency. CAN bus technology: CAN bus protocol security, convenience has become a car computer control system and embedded industrial control bus LAN standards, compared to the original generation scale compared to the 485 bus: faster speed, fewer lines, higher reliability of the complete machine, At the same time, each module node can automatically conduct free transceiver data communication according to the bus access priority, and the system can only poll the modules of the original generation weigher for each module. which has stronger real-time performance and higher reliability.  

B、Intelligent multiple sampling stable modes with more accurate weighing  

In addition to stabilization time, multiple readings are added, while the value numerical value fluctuation value must meet a certain range to be transmitted to the main board to guarantee the accuracy of the weight reading of the single bucket to further ensure that the combined display weight is more consistent with the actual weight.  

C、Intelligent fault alarm,convenient maintenance  

Based on the CAN bus technology, each module has self-diagnosis function, intelligent monitoring sensor, motor, photoelectric switch, etc., and the failure information CAN be automatically transmitted to the main board in time, and a fault record is recorded, which is helpful for maintenance personnel.  

D、High-speed asynchronous feeding function, effectively prevent material blocking  

The original master analysis needs to provide a full drive signal to each motor, and it can't directly output the drive signal to of multiple different sets of time points, and the modular circuit board just receives the order and then automatically performs the error of the material, which will prevent the mass blocking.  

E、Free port functions, meet different customers' needs in different areas  

There are eight output ports on the board, each of which is a free port, and you can choose a different output signal, to satisfy the different needs of the set.  

F、Networking function  

The second generation mainboard adds the optional parts of the network module, which allows the mainboard to connect with PC and display screen directly by means of network, and can be operated remotely or controlled directly by systems such as ERP. At the same time ,it also can realize many sets of machine communication and the multiple machine cooperation, between the formula, realize the machine by the main ingredient in front of the machine to compensate for the combination of machine error, in order to achieve the overall goal of the ideal weight.  

G、Display update main board program function  

In terms of intelligence, you can do a client's own software update,let customers update the software by themselves and you can download the flash drive file directly to the main plate of the assembly weigher, and you can download the software to the user's live app, or custom software update.  

In short, Kenwei is based on quality, profession, and innovation,to make each machine with"stable, precise, high-speed", and is committed to helping customers improve efficiency and save cost,serve customers with excellent quality, confidently walk in the forefront of the industry.        

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