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Summary of customer commissioning packaging system in Australia

Summary of customer commissioning packaging system in Australia


Kenwei -News About Summary Of Customer Commissioning Packaging System In Australia

In October 2018, the service staff of Kenwei went to Australia company for the debugging of the packaging system,According to the customer's materials mainly dumplings, snacks, cookies, and the main specifications: material dumplings size 40 mm * 70 mm * 20 mm, weighing 25 g, snack size: 30 mm * 30 mm * 25 mm, single - 17 g, big snack size: 30 mm * 30 mm * 70 mm, single - 50 g, 240 g and the requirements of customers weighing is dumplings, snacks 660 grams, 1 KG, snacks, respectively is 1 KG, 1.5 KG, 1.75 KG, 2 KG. According to our service personnel, it's a low temperature, because the materials are from the frozen line, and it's a low temperature, and at this point, it's a PVC film, and it's very hard to find, and it's very hard to find, and it's very hard to find, and it's very hard to find when it's worn down or falling out of the material, and because the material is made out of pastry, and the material is white, so it's better to be made out of other colors. The field service personnel will discuss with the customer and the business to replace the non-white silicon sheet by purchase. Due to the larger size of the large snack, it is easier to charge the hopper during operation, resulting in a much smaller package. Our service personnel shall handle the site at the site with a certain effect, but cannot completely eliminate it. According to our service policy, presented the customer change small hoppers. About our after-sales service,Kenwei service department is including test group, planning group, door-to-door service groups,etc,mainly to provide commission for specific materials and make commission regularity indicators so that to find out the suitable material for the machine; Also,they are responsible for customer training and online operating skills, including installation manual and maintenance manual provided.Above are customer accepted initiatives.In addition,all our customers who buy Kenwei machines will enjoy two-years warranty.Only high-quality can ensure the stable operation of combination weigher with extremely low failure rate. From recent statistics, the failure rate of Kenwei machines is less than 0.5% within1year, and failure rate within 2 years is less than 1%.

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