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"Professional, Stable, Accurate" an indelible business card - Kenwei Intelligent

"Professional, Stable, Accurate" an indelible business card - Kenwei Intelligent


The development of science and technology drives the transformation of the era. With the gradual upgrading of the mass consumption pattern, the individualized needs of the users are also expanding. There are all kinds of messy weighing equipment brands on the market. As a survival, the Kenwei intelligent machine with more than ten years of experience in professional R&D and manufacturing of combined weighing equipment has also ushered in new opportunities and challenges.

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Since its establishment, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of automatic quantitative weighing and packaging systems. After deep technical research and development and marketing, it has become a large-scale production, high reputation and influence in the world. The wide multi-head combination scale equipment manufacturing enterprise provides customers with comprehensive solutions for quantitative weighing and packaging.   

Since the establishment of Kenwei Intelligent, the company has made technological innovation the focus of enterprise development planning. After years of experience, Kenwei Intelligent has established a high-quality professional talent team, built a scientific production management system, and formed a complete intelligent technology research and development organization. Through advanced production equipment and high-skilled core technology center, R&D and production The intelligent weighing packaging equipment that meets the market demand guarantees the leading position of the corporate brand in the industry, and makes "professional, stable and accurate" an indelible business card.

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"Good-looking skins are thousands of times, and interesting souls are one of the best." In this society of survival and inferiority, Kenwei Intelligent has mastered the unique technical technology of combined weighing and packaging equipment with years of continuous technological innovation. The design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and inspection of the factory have their own unique procedures and rich experience, which can create intelligent combined weighing products with more convenient operation, more stable performance, more accurate precision and easier cleaning. Let the appearance of "good-looking skin" and the "funny soul" coexist, and continue to consolidate the product advantages and brand status of Kenwei Intelligent. According to relevant data, since 2016, Kenwei Intelligent has exceeded the large-scale sales of more than 5,000 sets of products; in 2018, it has completed the layout of high-intelligence and high-professional production mode, and achieved the production capacity target of more than 7,000 sets of equipment. Take the lead in the industry.   

Today, Kenwei Intelligent has formed a product structure based on the combination scale series, linear scale series, gold inspection re-inspection series and weighing and packaging machine. At the same time, Kenwei Intelligent develops more than 20 kinds of materials for different product materials. The series of models that are customized and built have different functional specifications. For example,Kenwei Intelligent Weight Metal Detector can control the weight of each package of detergent in the range of +3g, which solves the basic existence of the enterprise. Filling stability problem, save 1 ton of washing powder for customers every day, create economic benefits of about 14,000 yuan, meet customer's personalized, customized, multi-level demand orientation, and also "customer-centric" The implementation of the marketing strategy, JKenwei intelligent machine equipment will continue to expand the business landscape, creating greater value for customers.

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Kenwei Intelligent Company said that in the future, it will increase its independent research and development productivity, introduce higher-level science and technology, develop innovative and higher-performance products, strengthen publicity and promotion, expand market segments, and effectively integrate internal resources for smart combination. Heavy equipment can quickly occupy the market and lay a solid foundation. Kenwei Intelligent will continuously strengthen the concept of “professional, stable and accurate” and enhance the brand's popularity and recognition in all parts of the country and even in the international market!

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