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Get together and win the battle 2020!

Get together and win the battle 2020!


Guangdong kenwei 2019 Annual Recognition Conference and New Year Dinner successfully held

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At 18:00 on January 17, 2020, Guangdong Kenwei's 2019 annual commendation conference and welcome dinner were successfully held at Fusha International Trade Yucca Hotel. Our company's 260 employees gathered to celebrate, and talk about the gains and losses in 2019 Looking forward to 2020.   

2020 has arrived quietly. Looking back at the extraordinary 2019, we are struggling shoulder to shoulder and moving forward. Every Kenwei person is devoted to the development of the company in the endeavour, with brilliant achievements and breakthroughs, let us start the next new journey together and win the battle 2020!

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In anticipation of the ceremony, the ceremony and the reception dinner were held in a warm-up game. The small game is full of fun, friends to participate in the scene laughter.
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Then, Mr. Yin yunbing, general manager of Guangdong Kenwei, delivered a passionate speech at the dinner. General manager Yin pointed out in his speech that 2019 will be a year of great development for Kenwei. Through our concerted efforts, the company's performance in 2019 increased by more than 20% compared with 2018. The brilliant 2019 has come to a successful end, and the 2020 full of expectations and challenges has arrived as expected.In the past year, we have worked together and forged ahead. Looking forward to the new year, we are full of longing for the future. I wish we can reach another peak in 2020!   

At the same time, Mr. Yin made a good job in the work and management of each department, and planned and arranged the work in 2020. He emphasized that in 2020, we will carry out various work around the topics of quality, goals, and progress. The focus is on improving basic management, establishing service awareness, strengthening rules and control, improving professional skills, matching new product support, and in-depth 6S management Work etc.

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Every dazzling achievement is the result of the hard work of every employee. As the highlight of the commendation conference and the welcome dinner, the company issued a number of awards such as "Excellent Employee of the Year" and "Excellent Team of the Year" to reward and encourage the company's elite employees and teams. These awards are the recognition and recognition of the hard work of the winners for one year, as well as the encouragement and expectations of each Kenwei person for the next year. It is precisely because these laureates have enthusiasm in their work, have excellent faith, have worked hard to advance, and strive for excellence in a leading position. The warm applause from the audience expressed sincere blessings and approval to the winners, and also pushed the dinner to a climax.
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Excellent Team of the Year

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Excellent Employee of the Year

At the commendation conference and the welcome dinner, the staff presented various performances that were carefully prepared to show the talents of the talents. There were songs, solo harmonica and so on. The wonderful performances won warm applause from the audience, and the dinner atmosphere was even more warm, peaceful, and passionate.

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As an annual annual ceremony, the draw is indispensable, and it is also the most exciting and exciting time. Looking at a wealth of prizes, including 65-inch TVs, large-amount cash shopping cards, all kinds of household appliances, sports equipment, etc., the small partners are looking forward to luck coming to their heads. In the cheers, the lucky ones who received the prizes smiled, and the surrounding of luck and festiveness pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to the climax of enthusiasm, which also brought a successful end to the ceremony!
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Mystery Prize
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The First Prize
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The Second Prize
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The Third Prize
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In 2020, in the face of an industry pattern in which competition is further intensified, and in the face of complex and volatile international markets, all Kenwei personnel will always remain determined and enterprising, and work together on the path of forge ahead, moving forward in dreams and jointly creating more brilliant new chapter.  

As the Spring Festival approaches, Guangdong Kenwei wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Healthy body! Happy family!

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