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flying to the u.s. this summer? beat the lines with the tsa\'s precheck

by:Kenwei      2019-09-01
This spring and summer, pilots facing long airport security lines may consider becoming a member of the Traffic Safety Administration\'s pre-inspection program, a quick inspection program that can speed up travelers passing through checkpoints.
Q: What is a pre-check?
A: This program allows the censored pilot to use special lanes at the checkpoint.
Shoes, belts and light jackets are available.
The laptop and liquid are in the bag.
These vehicles pass through standard metal detectors, not explosive devices. detecting full-
Body scanners pass at most.
Q: How did the flyer join?
A: If the traveler is a member of the Customs and Border Protection agency\'s quick entry program, they will be pre-inspected --
Global Portal, Nexus and Sentri-
Or join TSA directly.
In five years, the membership of these programs ranges from $50 to $100.
Travelers can fill out the application online and then the government will need some time to approve the application and arrange it
Usually interview at the airport.
People who don\'t have a passport can get a pre-check for $85.
Q: How does the airline know who is a member?
A: Once approved, the traveler will get A \"Known Traveler Number \".
\"If they enter this information in the frequent flyer program or when booking online, the airline will know their pre-qualification.
Then, when a boarding pass is generated, a check is made using TSA, which is usually granted a pre-check and added to the document.
Q: Is the service good for all airlines?
A: Most major airlines have participated, but airlines such as spiritual airlines and border airlines have not yet upgraded their computer systems to allow pre-inspection.
Here are the airlines currently participating: loyal Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Virgin America one jet and WestJet
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