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About Kenwei Combination Scale Function Operation Problem and Answer

About Kenwei Combination Scale Function Operation Problem and Answer


Kenwei -About Kenwei Combination Scale Function Operation Problem And Answer

Recently,Kenwei has reflected from customers that various problems have arisen in the operation of the combination scale. Our after-sales department has brought together the problems of various combination scale functions and answered them. We hope that following answers can help you. 

Question: when is the touch screen calibration required? 

Answer: touch screen calibration is required after replacing touch panel or display circuit board or display download program. 

Question: Can I install Arabic and Spanish on my device monitor? 

Answer: Yes, you can add two languages. Kenwei combination scale touch screen series display can simultaneously store four languages with different number of interfaces. For example, it can store 8 interfaces of English, 10 interfaces of Spanish, 12 interfaces of German, and 14 interfaces of French. 

Question: What is the superiority of the dual motor drive hopper? 

Answer: There are many partners' feedback: In the system using single motor control hopper, when weighing large-size materials, the material is thrown from the weighing hopper to the collecting hopper, and the hopper is larger due to the larger material specifications. The material door causes a large gap in the hopper door to leak. According to the design principle analysis, the key is the leakage phenomenon caused by the failure of the self-locking function. It is a comprehensive factor, which is mainly achieved by the combination of 'three points and one line' in the mechanical parts combined with the 'photo detection function' in the electrical circuit. The two material gates of the collecting hopper are controlled by a motor 'connected' drive, which greatly increases the bearing capacity of the motor, easily breaks the tightness between the material doors, and cannot convert the hopper mode; double motor drive The collecting hopper, each stepping motor combined with the photoelectric detecting function to control a material door, undoubtedly ensures the self-locking performance of the material door, and avoids the risk of tightness problems when the 'connected' work between the material doors, and at the same time It can realize a variety of configuration modes such as 'one for two', 'one-on-one', 'selection type' and the like without the need to disassemble the connecting rod between the material doors, truly realize independent control, and it is convenient and fast to use. 

Question: Why does the touch screen display wait for a few seconds to pause when the interface is pressed while running the interface? 

Answer: We found that there is an empty bag when cooperating with some packaging machines. When the combination scale is used for the closed-loop control mode, when the combination scale sends out the ready signal, press the exit button before receiving the request discharge signal. If the combination scale is immediately paused, the packaging machine will appear empty, because the packaging machine will send a request for the discharge signal and then delay the automatic packaging after receiving the ready signal. At this time, the combination scale is suspended without cutting the material; If the exit key is pressed, the combination scale is allowed to process the request release signal once and then exit to avoid the empty packet phenomenon. Therefore, in order to avoid the empty bagging phenomenon of the packaging machine caused by the similar cooperation mode, the function of exiting the delay for three seconds is added, and the empty bag phenomenon of similar problems can be completely solved.

 Question: What is the superiority of the Kenwei combination scale hopper method? 

Answer: Kenwei combination scale hopper has four hopper-type functions driven by two motors. It has unique motion control and customer satisfaction. First, after each movement, the hopper door is completely closed. If the material specification is large, the door hopper and even the material leakage will occur when the hopper is impacted, and the material will not be removed from the door seam when the volume of the single material enters the hopper. The conversion between the hopper modes does not require manual disassembly. The conversion is set by the hopper method; once again, in order to meet the individual needs of the customer, several schemes have been designed. For example, a hopper is already configured in a customer system, and a replacement is made into a package of expanded material, which requires multiple combinations to complete the blanking. Blocking the packaging machine former, in short, does not need to collect the hopper, because the material often needs to convert the system packaging, disassembly and installation of the collecting hopper are cumbersome work, Kenwei hopper can make you free of installation, disassembly and other cumbersome work, the same Achieve multiple combinations to open the door, consistent with the effect of disassembly. 

Question: Why can the cutting function in the order completely solve the problem of blockage at the inlet of the packaging machine? 

Answer: In the past, the combination weighing was opened by the selected combination hopper. If the packaging machine is small, it is easy to cause blockage, such as 55g small steamed bun, single material size 35mm, 13 per package, The bag has a width of 110mm, and similar materials include jelly, walnut, fruity sugar and so on. The orderly cutting function developed by Kenwei combination scale can be used to discharge the hoppers of each selected combination for a period of time by the parameter setting of 'maximum number of hoppers and door opening time' to form a material misplaced drop type, thus avoiding with material falling clogging, thus completely solved the packaging process due to clogging caused former is too small. 

Question: How to ensure the weighing and packaging of frozen food? 

Answer: Quick-frozen foods include dumplings, meatballs, rice balls, patties, shrimps, crispy shrimp rings, ice cubes, salt cubes, meat, chicken, chicken legs, fish fillets, etc. Different frozen foods have similar material properties. First, in order to ensure the smooth flow of materials, feeding, falling, etc., it is necessary to understand the characteristics of various quick-frozen foods in order to select the model and configuration, such as weighing dumplings, ice cubes, salt blocks, because the material flow is very good, If it is a photoelectric eye detection material, when the hoist is feeding to the combination scale, the material accumulation and pushing phenomenon are easy to occur when the material is missing. As a result, the combinability is poor, which affects the actual precision. If high-sensitivity weighing material detection is selected The function can effectively control the minimum weight of the material on the main vibrating plate, so that the material on the main vibrating plate can maintain a certain weight from time to time, and the material gravity will not cause the material to be pushed and jumped due to the feeding of the hoist, and the weighing shrimp is also weighed. Circle, because the material is ring-shaped and large, easy to overlap, easy to push back pressure, then the configuration of the rotating main vibration machine is more conducive to the uniform distribution of the main vibration plate, the online vibration plate needs to be added The material ring device prevents the material pushing action from happening from time to time. The second quick-frozen food is easy to dissolve and deteriorate after being exposed for a long time. Therefore, it needs to be quickly packaged and frozen. Because of the principle of the combination scale, it is decided to select the most. Close to the target weight of the combination of emissions, then a certain bucket may not have been selected for a long time combination, so the quick-frozen material may be broken in the weighing hopper, storage hopper, Kenwei combination scale development no combination The function of the number of times is for weighing and packaging of quick-frozen foods. It is judged that the hopper is not selected for a long time, and only a certain number of times (can be set) is not selected. In the next combination, the bucket is preferentially combined, and the qualified combination is placed. If the qualified combination cannot be found next time (and the combination closest to the target weight is selected), this function can prevent the material from falling into the hopper.

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