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New wave of innovation and development of granular quantitative packaging equipment

New wave of innovation and development of granular quantitative packaging equipment


In the past, people had very simple requirements for the packaging of goods, so some mechanical equipment with relatively simple production processes can meet their requirements. But now the times are different. Our needs come from many aspects, so in order to be able to adapt to the current market changes, Manufacturers will no longer produce shoddy products. For many reasons, packaging machines continue to develop in a diversified direction. 

 According to different material properties: it can be divided into a granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, and liquid packaging machine. Among them, the granular packaging machine is the most widely used. Taking Guangdong Kenwei's standard weighing granule packaging machine as an example, it is suitable for rubber granules, plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, grain granules, building materials granules, Quantitative packaging of granular materials such as metal particles is mainly used for quantitative weighing and packaging of granular powder materials such as pesticides, feed, additives, washing powder, salt, MSG, sugar, seeds, rice, nuts, and Chinese pepper. 

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Guangdong Kenwei standard granule weighing and packaging machine adopts high-precision, high-sensitivity special sensors and is equipped with a 1.6-liter food-grade stainless steel hopper, which is widely applicable to various granular materials. At the same time, a photoelectric tracking system is used. This system mainly uses photoelectric reflection to determine the position and packaging of the product when the machine is packaging the product. The confirmation of each step will be displayed on the display screen. If what happens, the machine will on their own pneumatic alarm system to alert staff to deal with the problem. 

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Facing the increasing industrialization and automation of food equipment technology on a global scale. Industrialized countries have always maintained a high demand for food equipment for equipment replacement and the technological transformation of food processing enterprises. Guangdong Kenwei closely follows the trend of the market. In order to meet the visual requirements of customers for the continuous improvement of appearance quality, and at the same time, to improve the capacity to increase the production capacity and the ability of efficient packaging, Kenwei has developed the D1100 parallel robot automatic sorting and palletizing customized production line System, the system is matched with the fourth-generation 16-head three-layer combination weigher, the second-generation metal detector aluminum foil, the vertical packaging machine and the sorting weigher(check weigher). Through the optional vision application system, the touch screen man-machine interface, and support the teaching mode and Multi-station appointment, automatic shutdown of overload, completely linear, arc, and space trajectory movement. Realize intelligent operation of automatic sorting, automatic palletizing, and automatic sorting. 

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The market environment has gradually changed, and the demand for automated and intelligent food pellet packaging equipment is increasing. In the fierce market competition, Guangdong Kenwei has made breakthroughs in the industry for many years with the manufacturing spirit of being proficient in technology and daring to innovate. We have grasped the opportunities for market development, continuously introduced more new technologies and new products, and continued to save materials and costs for customers, while achieving the goal of efficient production and packaging.

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