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Analysis of Computer Multihead Weigher

Analysis of Computer Multihead Weigher


   With the rapid development of modern industry, the packaging industry also has higher requirements in terms of packaging accuracy, packaging speed, packaging range, etc. It is difficult for traditional quantitative automatic packaging scales to meet these requirements, and the computer combination weigher is here developed under the requirements, it has the following differences from traditional quantitative automatic combined weigher:   

1.The difference in weighing accuracy due to different weighing principles:    

1 )Different weighing principles    

The quantitative automatic combined weigher weighs while feeding, and continues to feed until the target weight data is reached. When there is a small difference from the target weight, a weighted object must be added, that is, after coarse measurement, then precise weighing is performed. Larger or heavier, there is a larger error, this is where its weighing accuracy is affected. The computer combination scale is composed of multiple weighing units with independent feeding and discharging structures. Generally, the computer combination scale is composed of 8 to 32 weighing units. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically and optimally calculate a load of each weighing unit to obtain the best and closest quantitative combination for packaging. For example, a computer combination scale with ten weighing units, each weighing unit weighs during weighing and reads the weight data of each weighing bucket into the computer, and the computer performs the optimal combination. The 10 weighing units can realize 1023 combinations in total. The computer selects the combination closest to the target weight value from these 1023 combinations. In this way, when the above-mentioned precise weighing is performed, the unit weight of the object to be weighed is large, and it is difficult to achieve the quantitative value. The computer combination scale takes the combination closest to the target weight as the final result.    

2 )The reliability of the test data is different    

Because the traditional quantitative automatic combined weigher weighs while feeding, the sensor is weighed under dynamic conditions. If the object is impacted or jumped, it will cause the sensor to sense unstable weight data and cause errors, and the computer The vibration feed of the combination scale is performed on the buffer hopper, and the weighing hopper is weighed under stable conditions, so the weight data obtained has high accuracy.    

3 )Drop error    

This error is a very significant error for the quantitative automatic packaging scale. When the weight value in the weighing hopper reaches the set value, although the electromagnetic vibration feeder has stopped, at the moment of the stop, the weighing hopper to the vibrator The existence of a weighed object will eventually fall into the bucket and cause the so-called drop error. Although some quantitative automatic packaging scales use shortened feeding time to reduce the drop error, due to the system uncertainty factors such as flow rate, feeding uniformity Influence, there are still different degrees of error. The computer combination scale is supplied by the buffer hopper to the weighing hopper. After the weighing hopper is completely stabilized, a command is issued to request weighing, so there is no drop error.    

2.The difference in weighing speed   

Traditional quantitative automatic packaging scales generally go through the weighing process of coarse measurement and fine measurement, especially the process of fine measurement requires a little addition, which takes a long time and affects the weighing speed. For example, the quantitative automatic packaging scale below lkg has a weighing speed of generally 20 to 30 packs/minute, and the computer combination scale generally has a scale of 14 weighing units that can reach 100 to 120 packs/minute in the computer's fast preferred combination calculation The weighing speed is 4-6 times faster than the quantitative automatic packaging scale, and it is easy to match with various packaging machines. Greatly improve packaging efficiency, more suitable for the needs of modern production management.   

3. The difference in weighing range   

In the case of the same accuracy, the weighing range of the computer combination scale is larger than that of the quantitative automatic packaging scale. In general, the weighing range of the quantitative automatic packaging scale under the same accuracy is controlled within 4 times, while the computer combination scale is in the small scale The weighing range of the segment can reach more than ten times. It can also be seen from a large number of test results that there is a difference in the weighing range between the two. For example, in the weighing range of more than ten grams to one kilogram, the computer combination scale can meet the requirements of the X (t) level of accuracy, especially in the small weighing section. If you want to keep the accuracy level unchanged, the quantitative automatic packaging scale can only reduce the weighing range and form a multi-segment weighing, and only rely on the production of multiple series of products to meet certain requirements of the manufacturer. Most manufacturers rarely accept this phenomenon. This brings limitations to its practical application, and can not meet the requirements of different packaging specifications (10-1000g) in some production areas but requiring similar accuracy.   

In summary, the computer multihead weigher has higher precision and faster speed than the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale, and can better meet the needs of modern food processing enterprises. On the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced weighing technology, domestic combination scale manufacturing enterprises have already possessed the technical ability to compete with foreign combination scale enterprises on the same stage through innovative development. And Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of these representative enterprises. Through more than 10 years of development, Guangdong Kenwei has established a perfect combination scale product line, which is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, hardware, daily use, etc. Industry, and exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, continuously improve the economic benefits for more than 1500 customers, is the best choice for the majority of food processing enterprises to automatically weigh and improve economic benefits.    

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