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tyndall national institute looks ahead to bright future for photonics research

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
The Tinder National Institute in Cork is leading a new international consortium that will provide countries for Europeof-the-
The art photon infrastructure.
It is expected that by 2020, the value of the photon market will exceed 615bn euros. At present, Europe\'s share in the production technology market is 55%, and Tinder\'s new consortium PIXAPP will play a key role in future economic development.
In many cases, Photon Technology provides a higher speed and ability to use than conventional technology. googletag. {});
It uses light in tiny photon ICs (PIC)
Instead of electronic to perform a variety of functions, including high
Speed communication on fiber optic cables, sensing and imaging of medical devices, and self-controldriving cars.
Professor Peter O\'Brien, director of PIXAPP and head of photon packaging research at Tinder National Research Institute, said: \"The PIXAPP consortium has an unparalleled record of excellence in providing\" world first \"in many photos.
The cost of packaging PICs is as high as 80% of the cost of photon devices, so it is a key area in the industrial field.
\"In the past, it was very expensive to make a large number of photos, and it was more expensive and challenging to package, which included connecting these tiny microchips to the real world.
\"This creates production bottlenecks and affects the growth potential of the photon industry.
Professor O\'Brien said Tinder-
Led PIXAPP consortium received 13 euros.
8 million of the money from the EU and this money has enabled Tinder to build a real global footprint --
\"It enables us to expand not only in Europe, but also in the United States. googletag. {});
We now have industrial research projects with leading US companies in communications, medical devices, automotive, energy and security.
\"Recently, we were very excited to show a new medical device we developed in partnership with Medtronic, which was tested at a hospital in Paris . . . . . . . .
A device for detecting early aerobic exercise
As a result, the patient does not have to go to a large hospital or clinical laboratory, but can be tested during the operation of a local doctor.
\"All the key components of this small medical device have been reduced to below mm.
The size of the photon chip replaces the large and very expensive equipment used today.
He said that Tinder has close research cooperation with some of the top universities and research institutes in the United States, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Columbia University in New York, in terms of photon science, university of California, Berkeley, University of Arizona, and California Institute of Technology.
Professor O\'Brien is a visiting scientist at Columbia University and a part-time professor at the University of Arizona\'s Center for optical science.
He was excited about his plans for the future.
\"Universities and industry in the United States like to work with us because we have a very unique ability to accelerate research from labs to Real
For example, researchers may be developing a new photon microchip and taking advantage of our capabilities --i. e.
Component integration and packaging, we can design their devices into new applications, for example, to integrate microchips designed for sensing onto the conduit
Physical diagnosis such as aerobic exercise
Surveillance of vascular diseases. ”googletag. {});
Tinder received 4 euros.
Through the Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, one million funds for disruptive technological innovation have been received.
\"Our goal is to expand the photon manufacturing capacity in Ireland and have invested heavily in photon research by funding institutions such as the Irish Science Foundation at the Irish photon Integration Center, Professor O\'Brien said.
\"Our goal is to establish new photon manufacturing companies in Ireland and support companies that want to use photons in new products, especially medical equipment.
\"To help achieve this, we have a leading German company coming to Tinder this year.
FiconTEC is a global leader in advanced photon packaging equipment.
We will work together to develop the next generation of robotic photon manufacturing equipment to ensure that Ireland and Europe maintain a leading position in photon research and advanced manufacturing.
\"We are very grateful to the government of Ireland for this funding and are confident that it will provide a significant return on investment. googletag. {});
\"We also plan to train and educate future photon workers to create a unique laboratory --
Will be a basic training program for the game
It has not only changed the European Photon industry, but also the global photon industry \".
Tinder has also partnered with a US $600 consortium called the Institute for optoelectronic manufacturing in the United States, which includes a technology roadmap.
The network is the key to success, Peter said, and Tyndall is involved in organizing conferences and exhibitions in the United States, such as Peter and his team are attending San Francisco this month, one of the world\'s largest photon Western conferences
@ Ipicreland and @ tyndall nauut are recruiting doctoral, postdoctoral and research fellows for photonis and Bio-Optronics.
Come and visit the pavilion at 5475 @ PhotonicsWest @ SPIEtweets pic. twitter. com/tS6INElbMC—
Stefan Anderson. Engels (@ Stefan _ engels2)
US promotion February 6, 2019 \"we organized an evening reception at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to discuss Tinder and the work we did, and we will also have a breakfast meeting where we invite the ceo and CTO of the company.
\"We have one, too.
A one-day technical workshop in San Diego, designed to build a supply chain for photon manufacturing, is once again in line with another global conference \"fiber optic conference. googletag. {});
We organize invited lectures throughout the year in the United States, which is very important because the Irish Science Foundation and Tinder have long been
The long-term relationship in the United States, it is important to visit partners at their main research center or headquarters to discuss new opportunities.
Peter worked at NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop sensors for spacecraft and was very sensitive.
Space Telescope
A physics graduate from Trinity College Dublin, before going to the California Institute of Technology, he completed his Master of Engineering and doctorate in physics at the University of California.
He returned to Cork, where his wife Siobhan was located, and together they set up a photon company, which they sold in 2009 before Peter joined Tinder.
\"Tinder works closely with IDA and Irish businesses.
Ireland is rapidly becoming a very attractive place to conduct advanced research and transfer this research to manufacturing, creating new heights
Pay attention to the products that improve our lives. www. tyndall.
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