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Kenwei is Famous Brand for its excellent service

Kenwei is Famous Brand for its excellent service

Kenwei -News | Kenwei Is Famous Brand For Its Excellent Service

Domestic combination scale has a clear price advantage, the domestic combination scale has been gradually popularized. However, at present, the domestic combination of scale manufacturers is complicated, large one can enter the world combination scale manufacturing first-class level, small one is difficult to survive. If you choose an unsound suplier, your  production is not only affected by their low products, but also the repair of it.  the most critical is not prevent problems inadvance, so you will in trouble of repairing. This includes the program itself is not perfect, but also need to be the material Condition Foundation change ability is poor enterprise, in addition to the line main vibration machine amplitude repeated attenuation of the problem and AD conversion module and anti-jamming technology does not integrate the manufacturing enterprises, there is no way to effectively suppress the interference from all over the vibration. This aspect, Kenwei along the way, feeling quite deep. Kenwei Professional focus on the combination of scales, has been in the industry's top three, manufacturing and sales scale are ranked at the top of the industry. Is China's first in the field of multihead weigher won the "Guangdong Province production, learning and research science and Technology Project Combination Award" honor of the company, in 2017 rely on 87 foreign countries, domestic and foreign more than 800 new and old customers strong support, to achieve the sale of more than 5,000 sets of weighing packaging equipment, 2018 precision Company layout semi-automated production mode, Refine the specialized production mode of parts, can accelerate the production cycle at the same time to achieve 7000 sets of capacity. Kenwei has no doubt become the packaging machinery industry on the basis of confidence in the brand.   Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD.has now become China's combination scale industry leader. Kenwei combination scale in the global scope of the world, not only to prove the development and growth of China in the field of combination scales, more important is the "professional quality, Integrity marketing" set up in the field of the world combination scales, for China's tens of thousands of food, metal and plastic production enterprises to eliminate the current old or all-hand backward weighing packaging methods, In order to fully replace the high-tech, more automated combination scale quantitative weighing packaging system, in terms of quality and technology have a prerequisite for popularization. Why is the Kenwei combination scale market so hot? Combination scale sales originally mainly rely on domestic and foreign middlemen buyout and vertical packaging machine, material conveyor, platform and other supporting components of the quantitative weighing packaging system, and then the whole set of units sold to food manufacturers. This requires the intermediary to have a skilled grasp of the principle of each constituent machine of the quantitative weighing packaging system, the mode of signal connection, the main selling point and the fault maintenance ability. As the core part of the whole system-combinatorial scale, what selling point does it have? How can I debug a good state? What will be the accuracy and speed of different foods after weighing the combination scales? Do not allow where to start checking when weighing occurs? These problems may seem small, but if not matched properly, they will seriously affect the effectiveness of the use and the strength and effectiveness of the cooperation between the two sides. Kenwei deeply appreciate the foreign agents of these "difficulties", and for agents arranged from the market guidance-training-market communication and other one-stop training services program.    

First of all, with the middleman to analyze the market, so that middlemen fully understand the huge space of domestic and foreign markets, so focus core business on the field of quantitative weighing packaging; second, considering that agents have a familiar process of combination scales, Kenwei organized the debugging, maintenance skills video, and the combination of scale selling points, Promotion skills and other aspects of the full publicity, in order to obtain a combination of scales weighing different materials with which the speed and accuracy and other data, so that agents to do more professional. Kenwei attaches great importance to the collection of machine purchase customers different materials test data, in addition, the company will also buy a large number of materials to the service department for testing, in order to better guide agents to carry out market development work.      

2013, Kenwei dare to be the first, machinery industry common default warranty for one year, the self-control machine warranty period extended to two years. Sell well, why should you extend the warranty period of self-made machine to two years? One is the self-confidence that comes from Kenwei for its own quality. Combination scale is a more complex machine, due to the particularity of weighing materials, the complexity of the application environment, the frequency and voltage stability of different countries and regions, etc., it is possible to cause the phenomenon of component failure. Extending the warranty period will, of course, increase the cost of services, if not for quality assurance, this behavior should be unreasonable. Second, real for customers to reduce the cost of services, the third is to reduce the customer's worries, so that customers buy a part of the backup machine without worrying about the lack of warranty time;   

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD. is from the pre-sale, sale to after-sale every link are fully standing in the position of middlemen, around the middleman in the sales process of every detail of sincere service to do the reality, Kenwei can usher in a large number of long-term cooperation agents at home and abroad.

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