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Development Status and Trend of Packaging and Food Machinery in China

Development Status and Trend of Packaging and Food Machinery in China


Abstract: China's machinery manufacturing industry continues to develop, and the development of food packaging machinery is at the forefront of the entire machinery development industry. The article mainly focuses on the status quo and trend of the development of packaging and food machinery in China, and further analysis.   

Keywords: packaging and food; mechanical development; status quo; trend    

1 History of packaging and food machinery industry    

For China, the development of food packaging machinery should be traced back to the last century. In the last century, foreign packaging equipment has been used to package food in China, such as some cigarettes. In the 1970s and 1980s, China's petty bourgeois goods and foods developed rapidly, and the food packaging machinery industry also rose rapidly. The country established packaging technology associations, committees and food machinery companies. At the same time, the relevant state departments encouraged the development of the packaging machinery industry. Although the corresponding equipment was available, the talents and technology of operating equipment became the bottleneck at that time. Because the technology at that time was mainly from abroad, China did not have independent intellectual property rights, and the equipment was imported from abroad. In addition, there was no special person to control it, which brought certain difficulties to the development of the food packaging machinery industry.    

China's packaging machinery machinery technology with independent intellectual property rights was about in the 1980s. At that time, encouraged by the state, many colleges and universities carried out packaging machinery, the main purpose is to cultivate talents in packaging machinery. In the 1990s, there were many joint ventures in China. The food packaging machinery industry developed rapidly and also had independent intellectual property rights. Although some mechanical components were also derived from foreign countries, they have made great progress. There are not many enterprises that have entered the packaging machinery industry earlier, such as Guangdong Kenwei and Shanghai Soontrue, and have completely independent intellectual property rights. These enterprises have done a good job in the combination of production, education and research, especially in Guangdong enterprises, domestic production and research in Guangdong Province. In combination with the front end, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has obtained the combination of “production, learning and research” technology projects issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province in 2011 with the combination of “multi-material formula mixing and feeding” in this regional atmosphere. prize. The combination of production, study and research is an opportunity for the domestic food packaging machinery industry.    2 Development status of packaging and food machinery industry    

2.1 The scale of development has gradually increased    

After the reform and opening up, the packaging and food machinery industry has risen rapidly since 2000. In 2010, the total production value reached nearly 200 billion yuan, more than double the target of the national 12th Five-Year Plan and more than 50 billion yuan. The development speed is very impressive.    

2.2 Technology is getting stronger    

During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the development of technology in the packaging and food machinery industry has become stronger and stronger. The production of aseptic cold-filling equipment developed by a private company was exported to 30 million; a company in Zhejiang developed a small-package sterile milk packaging machine, which was exported to foreign countries with its advantages of automation and high speed, and was highly recognized at home and abroad. The blow molding machine independently developed by a company in Guangzhou is able to put plastic into the machine and automatically generate various kinds of beverage bottles that are usually used. This bottle blowing machine is purchased by Coca-Cola Company and so on. Economic benefits.    

2.3 Creation of packaging and food machinery enterprises   

In the 1990s, China's packaging and food machinery companies were small enterprises, and the industries they were engaged in were not completely packaging and food machinery. Some of them only used packaging and food machinery as a small part of their business operations. The pillar industries of enterprises are in other directions. In recent years, the state has also introduced a number of policies, issued some incentives for enterprises, so that China's packaging and food machinery enterprises developed rapidly, driving the rise of the national economy. However, some enterprises are still scattered and relatively small in scale, but on the whole, China's changes in this field are enormous. 

3. Existing problems 

3.1 The overall operation of the industry and the gap between foreign countries    

Although China has made certain developments in the packaging and food machinery industry, it still has great shortcomings compared with foreign countries. The shortcomings are mainly reflected in performance and stability. For example, the production of beverage bottles, China can produce 50,000 bottles in an hour, but compared with the same situation, it can reach 100,000 or even 150,000 bottles per hour in foreign countries; China's self-produced equipment has poor stability. In the case of a blow molding machine, after 12 hours of continuous operation in China, the bottles produced are not so uniform, and the machine needs to be cooled, but for foreign countries, continuous production For three days or even a week, the bottle mouth and bottle body produced by the company are completely and evenly distributed, and there is still much room for improvement in this area in China. 3.2 National capital investment is insufficient      

For the packaging and food machinery industry, the main thing is the independent research and development capabilities. Although China encourages self-employment and independent research and development, the state's capital investment is still insufficient, resulting in insufficient development technology and lack of corresponding talents. To the level of foreign countries. 

3.3 There is no good standard system established    

For the packaging and food machinery industry, there should be a reasonable and perfect standard system to regulate the development of the industry, but at present, China's food packaging machinery, there is no correct production standards and safety standards, to some extent, some illegal Molecular drilling has made the product a certain degree of harm, which has curbed the development of the entire industry to a certain extent. 4 China's packaging and food machinery development trend 

4.1 The use of high technology    

With the continuous development of the food packaging industry, the requirements for packaging are becoming more and more sophisticated. Traditional packaging equipment and control modules can no longer meet the requirements of the current stage, and high-tech technologies are needed to improve the equipment. With reference to foreign related products, electromechanical integration has been realized, that is, the entire production equipment is computerized, a microcomputer is introduced into the equipment, allowing it to control the operation of the entire equipment, allowing the equipment to fully control the entire assembly line and achieve high Efficient safe production. 

4.2 Block production     

In the whole packaging and food machinery industry, each link should be divided into modules, such as storage, transmission, testing, etc., all controlled by different modules. In this way, some products can be packaged at the factory, and it is more humanized, and it is very beneficial to the development of the entire industry. 4.3 Develop environmentally friendly equipment      

At this stage, China regards environmental protection as the primary prerequisite for national development. In the packaging and food machinery industry, certain large-scale equipment will cause certain pollution to the environment, such as some high-power compressors, and its energy consumption is one aspect. On the other hand, there may be gas that pollutes the environment, so how to make the future production equipment environmentally friendly and safe is one of the main considerations. 

5 Conclusion     

Looking at the degree of development of packaging and food machinery in China, the effect is very impressive. After years of development, China has made certain progress in this industry. Although it still does not reach the level of foreign countries, it is believed that through the continuous development and continuous innovation of China, China's packaging and food machinery industry will certainly reach the advanced level of foreign countries.

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